December 28th, 2010

kjpugs Recipe: Ching-Tang Squashgasm

I created a recipe today. AKA, I melded together a few things I love to make. And had quite possibly my first carb-free meal in my life. (No starches… no bread… just squash, oil, seasoning, sauce, and a little cheese.)

Yes, this recipe is squash-heavy. Namely spaghetti squash and zucchini.

I started by cooking the spaghetti squash in my oven, a la these instructions from Katie at Ruffles & Truffles. It works well but not great for impatient people. I think it probably could have used a few more minutes. If you have the time, and the experience, this is definitely a great way to go (thanks Katie!) but I think that since I get home at 6:00pm if I’m lucky, I will continue using Amy I’s tutorial which microwaves the squash (aka NUKES it as my dad used to say.) Her tutorial is here on her blog, Playing House.

After putting the squash in to cook, I shred one zucchini. I kind of wish I used two now… which won’t affect the points in this recipe at all, since all veggies like squash are points-FREE on Weight Watchers now!

I use the bigger part of the grater to shred that zucchini up. Then I squeezed it in paper towels to get rid of a bunch of the moisture.

I pretty much copied this part from the recipe I posted on Tasty Kitchen, or at least the zucchini part of it. I didn’t have garlic or I would have used it. It took WAY less time to cook (probably 5-7 minutes?) because I only used one sad little zucchini. Again, I would have used more if I had it. And had I thought to add bacon that would also have been DELICIOUS.

As I said… I sauteed the zucchini in two teaspoons olive oil. If I used another zucchini I would have added one more teaspoon, which would make the whole recipe 1 PointsPlus higher.

I added salt to saute the zucchini, and finished it with a little pepper.

Then- the ching-tang sauce.

B used to say something was “ching-tang!” if it was awesome or amazing. So when, randomly sometime in 2007, I came up with this sauce, it naturally became the name for it. It’s SO easy.

I used (to “dress” one whole spaghetti squash) one cup of the Ragu Light Tomato & Basil sauce, and two tablespoons store-bought pesto. You can of course make your own pesto! And you can use any sauce. Just realize it would change the PointsPlus value for the recipe if you change it.

I might have used another tablespoon of pesto if I had it! (It would have increased the total recipe PointsPlus by 2.) It’s such a great combo. The pesto adds a zingy-ness to the sauce that I can’t even describe. SO tasty.

When the squash was done cooking, I let it cool for about ten minutes and then cut it in half. Pro: this was thirteen million times easier than cutting the raw squash in half like you do to microwave it. Then I scooped out the non-yummy center seed-y part. Con: this was way harder to do when it was mushy and hot than it is to do when the squash is raw. Pick your poison!

I then used a fork to scrape the flesh, producing the famous spaghetti strands!

It is messy. Really I should hire someone to either do this or to teach me to do it more neatly.

I thought my squash was a little crunchier than I like, and wish I had been patient and cooked it longer. Although, Katie told me via gchat: “I’ve also found that if it’s a little crunchy, if you saute it in a pan with a little bit of chicken broth it gets a little softer.” I love the genius of that. Next time, squash!

I mixed the squashes and sauce together…

Ok so it probably doesn’t look appetizing but I promise promise it is!!!!!!!!! It was so good I forgot to take a picture of the bowl I ate! A sprinkle of freshly-grated Parmesan on top and you’re good to go. Here are the two leftover containers I made:

Goodness gracious it was good. The whole, entire recipe is 12 PointsPlus. I split it in three portions, so each was 4. Three portions is great for a good MEAL portion. For a side item, I might split it into four portions (3 PointsPlus each) or six portions (2 PointsPlus each.)

You can also use ching-tang sauce on regular pasta, for dipping bread, or even on chicken Parmesan! Give this recipe (or just ching-tang sauce) a try and let me know what you think!

8 comments to kjpugs Recipe: Ching-Tang Squashgasm

  • This sounds DELICIOUS! Now that I actually know what Spaghetti Sauce looks like (hello, they should label those things better) I’m going to get one on the next trip to the store!


  • Yummm-o! I think this looks fantastical. :) And yeah, I realize that my spaghetti squash method is definitely NOT for someone who wants it right away! I usually cook mine in the oven for the hour…take it out and let it sit for another hour…then cut it and get the strands out/separate it into two containers…then I store them in the fridge to use the following days. I think I rarely end up using the squash on the same day that I bake it! I usually end up cooking it on a lazy Sunday when Justin and I aren’t making dinner, so I have time to deal with it!

  • thank you thank you thank you for putting this up! I cannot wait to try it next week!

  • I am soooooo hungry now after reading that! I attempted spaghetti squash once and kinda failed at it, so maybe I’ll try it again when I go home.

  • When I made spaghetti squash it was kinda crunchy, too!! But next time I’ll def. use that tip from Katie. And the ching-tang sauce sounds sooo good. I LOVE pesto but I also LOVE regular red sauce, so this is like the perfect combo of the two. Yum!

  • This looks nom-tastic. I’m still trying to find a way to get the fiancé to like spaghetti squash, and this totally may work. Yummo.

  • [...] of the best things I’ve found to replace my carb love is spaghetti squash. I blogged one recipe here, but I love trying new ways to prepare it. I’ll make it with my homemade carrot marinara sauceand [...]

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