April 15th, 2014

Effie – Month Six

Holy crap! My baby is closer to being one than newborn. How did this happen!?


As always, it’s been an amazing month!

Month Six

Milestones: This month has been all about mastering last month’s challenges. Effie can flip herself around like a skilled little pancake. It’s hard putting her down to play, since we have tile and laminate floors and she will easily roll herself off her foam tile mat area! Her new challenge for this month is crawling! She’s been really focused on trying to crawl!! She can push up on her hands and sometimes gets on her knees. Only she can’t move forward yet so she just moves her butt up and down adorably! She sometimes wakes up at night just to practice. She’s also doing wonderfully at sitting up. She can sit unassisted for short periods of time. If she falls over, they’re also more controlled falls- you can tell she’s really increased her muscle tone. No more falling over like a bag of rocks!

Sleep: Still sleeping in her crib, still with me in her room. We are moving in a week, so her room won’t be across the house anymore, which means only one more week of sleeping in her room! It’s bittersweet. She’s been doing better at night usually. She was waking up pretty much 2 times a night, but sometimes only once. I would say she’s close to sleeping through the night sometimes (it’s been close sometimes with around a 4am very sleepy wakeup!) but since she naps poorly and goes to sleep so early, I’m pleased with one wakeup. Naps are still the pits. Sometimes we’ll get 45 minutes to a little more than an hour. Usually it’s more like 30-40 minutes. We’ll take what we can get! It’s so frustrating though… I have no idea how to help her nap longer.

Eating: Six ounces per bottle! And going 4-5 hour stretches during the day. She’s also eating a lot more real food (purees.) She is eating pureed solids at least once a day, our goal is twice, and to go up to three times a day in a few weeks. She LOVES it! She’s had and enjoyed pears, apples, prunes, sweet potatoes (her favorite!), carrots, peas, and bananas. She wasn’t the biggest fan of peaches though. We love seeing her experience new tastes!

Health: E’s reflux is even MORE under control, since we’ve changed her dosage a little bit. She seems so much happier and healthier! Also, she FINALLY got those teeth we’ve been waiting for! About a week ago, one bottom front tooth popped through and the next day, the other one. Is it weird to feel proud of her getting her teeth? Because I am!

Worst Moment: It’s probably good that I am having a really hard time thinking of one. It has to be yesterday- while Effie’s 6 month pediatrician appointment was mostly great, it always stinks when she gets her shots.

Best Moment: SO many! In Effie’s 6th month, we celebrated B’s birthday, our anniversary (4 years), and my birthday. We also had some of our best friends visit Florida so we got to spend time with them, and took E to Epcot! These special moments mean so much more with her in them.

We are so blessed to have Effie in our lives! Here are some photos of what we’ve been up to.


It was so exciting to see Effie meet her first Disney character! Alice was so sweet to us. I can’t wait to continue this tradition!

Lots of milestones too…


This is the face of a girl who wants to CRAWL! Our days and nights are full of attempts.

Days are also full of this…


Solids! This photo was carrots. Despite the look on her face- she LOVES them!


We also love getting outside. We’ve been having outside playtime on the weekends and it makes me so happy. I love seeing Effie take in nature and move around. She loves to feel the breeze on her face.

This next month will be pure craziness due to the move, but I’m sure we’ll have many happy moments to come too!

April 12th, 2014

Baby Must Haves – Months 0-6

Wow, I can’t believe we’ve been doing this parenting thing for almost half a year! I’ve found some items to be really helpful and wanted to share. Obviously every baby/family/situation is different, but hopefully this post will help some of you moms-to-be!

Two generic “bests” that I think rock no matter which ones you get… a walker, and a jumper. I got our walker at Once Upon a Child and our jumper is this Baby Einstein one. E is very focused on standing/walking/jumping (and was early on especially because of her reflux- though now she’s also obsessed with trying to crawl) so these things were a huge hit for us.


I didn’t end up using our bouncer a ton, and our swing, while a LIFESAVER early early on, became useless when she could start trying to sit up. Both of those are definitely things to potentially buy used, and register for big items that you’ll get a lot more use out of.

I also registered for a few various brands of swaddles, which I was really glad about. We could NOT figure out how to use a blanket to swaddle (but we use the A&A swaddles for other things- though I don’t think I need as many as I have) so she went from the Summer Infant SwaddleMe, to the SwaddlePod (fail), various Halo products, to finally the Miracle Blanket. Definitely the swaddle for E, but it depends on your baby! Register for a few!


(She needed them at night but was not such a fan in the morning.)

No fun personal picture- since who takes pictures of their own diaper pail in use?- but I also am IN LOVE with our diaper pail. We have an Ubbi Diaper Pail and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. We have a plastic one we use in a different part of the house, and while we don’t use that one as much, it seems to hold onto odors, and also looks HIDEOUS and cheap. The Ubbi diaper pails are great looking, easy to use, and even convert to trash cans down the line. Love.


Seriously it comes in fun colors like this! We have a “neutral” grey but they offer a lot of color options to match your nursery. (Picture from their website colors page.)

Random small lifesaver item? Linking rings.


You can see them hanging off her walker here. There’s actually a toy attached to the one on her left but you can’t see it. That’s what we do mostly- attach them to toys for her to grab and play with! I’ve used them for so many things and they’re a few bucks. WELL WORTH IT! Now that you know, you’ll start noticing them in all my pics. We have the Bright Starts Lots of Links.

Something I wished we had bought that I will buy for baby #2? A newborn head support insert for your carseat. Anything like this would be fine.


(This is JJ Cole- image taken from the Buy Buy Baby website.)

Basically, before E had neck/head control I hated that her head would flop a little in the car. This would have made me feel more secure- I avoided driving with her alone until she had better control! Otherwise I sat in the back with her and would adjust her head as needed, haha. An easy $20 spent for peace of mind.

Baby sunglasses. Did you know you might need those? I surely didn’t! I thought- “What a crazy baby item! Who would buy those?” We had bought a window shade, so I figured we’d have no use for sunglasses. Well when we’d go out in the sun to events, sun would get in her eyes- it was very limiting. And her carseat is mounted in the middle, in a car without tinted windows. How do we use the window shade!? (You can’t use it on the back window.) I went through a lot of different sunglasses – regular ones she would pull off. Finally I found some that stayed on pretty well- Baby Banz. They have the Banz Adventure for boys or girls, and the more girly Retro Banz. Lots of color options available! We got white Retro Banz for E.


(This was probably the one cold day we had this year!)

They Velcro around baby’s head to help them stay on. I’ve also found a sun hat (made for the pool/beach) is helpful if she’s in a particularly anti-sunglasses mood, but these have been the least offensive and a lifesaver on really sunny days!

As I mentioned before, E is doing a lot of “walking/jumping.” Are you wearing socks? If so, look at them. At the bottom. Are they pristine white? Probably no. And you’ll learn if you haven’t already- baby socks that FIT AND STAY ON are harder to find than the holy grail. I was not about to ruin them (or the bottom of footed PJ’s) because she was “walking” everywhere. Everyone sees baby’s socks when they’re little- you don’t want to be the one with dirty baby socks. B’s coworker gifted us a pair of Robeez soft-sole shoes that his daughter had used, and they’ve been awesome!


(The ones we were gifted have dancing bears- but I’m dying over some from the Spring collection, like these “sandals” or these “espadrilles!”)

They seem to give her some needed traction, and they keep her feet clean and better protected, too. They’re a little pricey to use before babies really start trying to walk, but if you can find them used, or get them as a gift/registry item, I think they’re well worth it for an active baby under 6 months! They don’t slow her down at all!

Random item I would never have thought of if it wasn’t given to us- a “Bath Luve.” Different brands call them different names, but feel free to throw one on your registry. This came to me from a friend who used it with her daughter, and it is great at keeping Effie calm and warm in the bath!


Could you just use a washcloth? Sure. Basically all it is, is a specially shaped washcloth that you wet and put on baby in the bath. Just a small item that I appreciate having!

That’s it for the big items with pictures… here are the rest of my tips!

  • If you end up alone with baby a lot (like me) take down your shower curtain and just leave the clear shower liner. Then you can put baby in whatever thing makes them happy that week, and still see them while you’re showering.
  • Bibs. So many bibs. I was all “ha, I will never use these bibs!” I WAS WRONG. We are doing better now but for a while we went through multiple drool bibs (different than food bibs) a day. Register. Stock up. We needed them at I think around 3 months?
  • Bottles for babies aren’t like cups and mugs are for us. They’re not one size fits all. I went through multiple types of bottles and nipples before we found what worked for E. (Dr Brown’s bottles.) My point? Register for small packs (1 to 3) of a few different brands of bottles and nipples. If you plan to breastfeed, some are geared towards that. If you don’t? There are other options. Basically, be prepared to buy/exchange bottles and nipples. I’m sure it works out sometimes, but from my own experience I’d recommend to avoid registering for a huge set of one brand, because if you use one and it doesn’t work out for your baby, you may not be able to return the whole set.
  • This isn’t true for everyone, but we used newborn sized clothes for a while. Like 7 weeks, I think? Buy some used, or maybe buy some and don’t wash it. It’s easier to wash it than run out to the store. And you can always return it later if you don’t use it.
  • I wish I had spent more time picking out crib sheets. I was focused on the color we wanted with elastic all around (not just at corners.) I didn’t think softness was paramount because I was thinking babies sleep on their back. Well when they get older, some flip on their bellies. Effie is now one of those babies. As she learns to flip over and crawl, she rubs her face against them, and I feel guilty! We have plans to purchase new ones soon. Wish we had just registered for nicer, pricier ones!
  • The BabyConnect app is my life. I wish we had downloaded this pre-baby and familiarized ourselves. You may not think it’s necessary but TRUST ME IT IS. You will not remember when you last fed the baby. Trust me.
  • Snaps are the devil when it comes to PJ’s. (The ones on onesies are unavoidable and not bad at all.) People told me this and I scoffed in my head. WHY DID I SCOFF? Being a parent is so humbling. Anyway- up until 4 months or so, maybe 5, it wasn’t so bad. Easy, even. But now trying to get her into footed PJ’s at night with snaps? It’s an Olympic sport. And I’m not even medaling. She flips over and rolls and takes her arms and legs out moments after I put them in. And if you think that’s fun before bed, then try to do a nighttime diaper change. Ugh. The worst. Unless a sleeper for size maybe 3-6 months and up is something important to you or a meaningful gift, etc, just return it. Exchange it for one with a zipper. You will thank me. Don’t scoff. I scoffed and wish I hadn’t.

If I think of anything else, I’ll add it as a footnote here! I hope some of you can find this list helpful- feel free to add more suggestions in the comments!

March 22nd, 2014

DIY Monogram Onesies

After I made my bump update shirt using this method, I decided I could employ the same method for some cute onesies.

You can use this method for monograms, or words, or shapes. And it’s not just for onesies- any clothing! This would be a great way to cover a small stain on a kid’s shirt as well.

Behold: some of Effie’s new onesies!


You will need:

  • A onesie or other clothing item, washed and dried. I’ve only done this with cottony fabrics before.
  • Freezer paper (found in the grocery store near the tin foil)
  • Pencil
  • Detail knife (like this one)
  • Scrap cardboard
  • Ruler
  • Iron
  • Fabric paint
  • Brush (I prefer foam spongey brushes)

This project can be free or nearly free after you do it once. Especially if you have the fabric paint collection of a sorority girl.


First, print whatever image you want to stencil. Shapes are great. Words are great. Think simple, especially to start. I tried something a little more challenging for this example but I started with easy ones. I used this site to get the monograms- let me know if you have a hard time with it. I could only get the script and the chevron ones to work. I added the circle around it after the fact in word, since I was doing a negative imprint.


Take the freezer paper and cut it to size. You’ll notice one side is waxy and one side is papery. You want the waxy side down.


Trace the drawing with a pencil.

Once traced, cut out the design with your knife. Make sure you do this on top of cardboard or a thick stack of paper.


Cut a piece of cardboard out that fits the width of the clothing item. Then place it inside the onesie or shirt. This prevents bleed through.


Place your stencil. Use a ruler to measure the distance from the sides/top to center it.


Once placed, iron it on. Remember to MAKE SURE the waxy side is down.




Get your paint ready. I mixed black paint and a glitter paint.


Paint inside your stencil. I find it best to dab (hard) and then smooth. Be careful- the more detailed the design, the more likely you could accidentally screw it up! Be patient and thorough. Shirts have stretch and fibers so they will absorb, and will have nooks and crannies. Make sure it’s covered. You may need two coats.


Let it mostly dry with the stencil still in place.


When dry or nearly dry, pull off the stencil carefully.


You may need some help if you have lots of details. I prefer using tweezers, but you can use your detail knife as well to lift the edges enough to pull them.


You’re done! Make sure you don’t remove the cardboard until it’s 100% dry. Also review your work. Anyone see the issue in the monogram below?


(I forgot to cut out part of the monogram where the E meets the H on the bottom!) I made a quick little stencil from a post-it and dabbed it in.


And just like that… you went from a simple clothing item to something personalized and one-of-a-kind!


I haven’t had any issues laundering these (washed and dried at moderate temp) but refer to the clothing and fabric paint’s instructions for wash.

I’m sure I may have left out something – or you may have questions – so feel free to reach out! I’ll answer any comments as a reply so others can see.

Some tips, and ideas besides monograms:

  • Silhouettes and shapes (used alone, or to cover a stain.)
  • Try using colored or patterned clothing items. (I just happened to have a 5 pack of white ones.)
  • Item doesn’t have to be centered! Be creative!
  • You can blur colors together – step outside the box with the paint too.
  • Consider putting something on the “bum” of pants/onesies when baby starts crawling!
  • Use text from your favorite font and consider stenciling baby’s nickname or a funny saying.
  • Make a top for yourself to match your kiddo.
  • Great gift idea!

Happy crafting, everyone!

March 15th, 2014

Effie – Month Five

Time has flown… Effie is five months old today!


It’s been another huge month for our little girl!

Month Five

Milestones: Effie has mastered the back to belly flip. No problem for our girlie! She’s also done some belly to back flips too, although those are harder for her. She is also really working on sitting up. Sometimes she can sit up unassisted for short spurts (with my hand just off to the side to catch her when she inevitably jerks off to the side when she sees a pug… or toy… or the breeze blows…) She’s spending a lot more time on her tummy now (she’s on meds for reflux- will explain more below) and she’s trying SO HARD to move and crawl. She gets frustrated really easily being on her belly for that reason. She is getting to move though another way- in her walker! Best money I ever spent. It’s flipping adorable. She loves chasing after the pugs.

Sleep: She’s really improved in this area but it’s still an uphill battle for me. Some nights/naps are better than others. A few weeks ago we started working with a sleep consultant. After our initial conversation and discussing E’s “flipping” abilities, we transitioned her out of her Merlin Sleep Suit for safety. By transitioned, I guess I mean, just stopped using it. It was SO WORTH IT for the 6-8 weeks we used it to transition out of the swaddle. Now E sleeps in footed sleepers- so easy. It’s awesome. We also moved her out of the PNP in our room! YAY! But- not so fast- I’m now sleeping in her room on the guest bed. Baby steps. We learned a lot from the sleep consultant already, and I’m *hoping* to start sleep training next week. I think she knows, because she’s been acting up as if to break my resolve in advance. Some nights E does fairly well- very little fussing- and just wakes up once to eat. Other nights it’s constant wake-ups, needing her paci before she can settle down. The other night she woke up twice to eat- that hadn’t happened in weeks, maybe MONTHS. The good part is her naps are getting better and more regular. And they’re in her crib! And longer (usually) than 20-40 minutes – her previous “standard.” Amazing! She fights going down a lot, especially for naps. But I am hoping this all can only get better as she gets more on her schedule and better at self-soothing. I am just dreading sleep training thought. I can’t imagine not sleeping only a foot away from her :(

Eating: Still about 5 oz every 3 hours- I think this month we might start trying 5.5 or 6 oz. We’ve been through a lot with food this month. When looking at E’s issues (gas, fussiness, issues while eating, not liking being on her belly) it seemed like she might have a milk sensitivity. So we went on a (pricey!) new formula and oh my gosh. Worst few days ever. It did not go well. I take back what I said above about her not waking recently more than once a night- she was up MULTIPLE times those few nights. It was miserable. After another trip to the ped, we were then told it was likely reflux, not a milk issue. I’ll talk about that more below, but she’s back on more normal formula again now. She’s also had her first food! She had a few bites of applesauce. It was adorable!

Health: The Zantac (prescribed med for reflux) has helped her immensely. She would never spend more than a minute or two on her belly before. Post-Zantac, she’s not only spending more time on her belly, she’s SLEEPING on her belly. (Her choice, not mine!) I put her down on her back and she ends up on her side or her belly. Glad she can feel comfortable that way now! The teething is also just as bad. No teeth in sight. I hate seeing her in pain or frustrated. It feels like we’re finally figuring stuff out though, which is good!

Worst Moment: Probably one of the nights (take your pick), either the nights on the milk-sensitivity formula, or the first night we tried moving her to her crib. OR- maybe the 2 wakeup night last week where I was literally crying and saying ” I don’t know what to do for you!!!” as she just screamed and screamed. Since B works nights, these moments are very hard for me to stomach alone. It’s nice to have someone to bounce stuff off of, it usually helps me be less panicked too. Regardless, worst moment was definitely sleep related.

Best Moment: Probably seeing her take longer naps in her crib. I know that sounds silly if you don’t have a kid, but I knew that these little “cat naps” weren’t doing her any good. We’re still working on it, but her 1 hour 20 minute nap the other morning brought a tear to my eye! Also, having her walk around in the new walker is so incredibly entertaining. Those poor, poor pugs.

Overall- even with the sleep struggles- I feel like Effie had the best month yet (yet again!) It’s so great to see this happy face every day:


Effie has moved into 3-6 month size clothing completely. I think that happened just after the 4 month mark. It’s nice to have a whole new wardrobe for her but it’s also sad to see her growing up!

She’s also been steadily losing her hair. It’s crazy! The once abundant swirl of brown hair on the back of her head is now but a wisp. It seems to be coming in blonde now, though. Which doesn’t surprise me based on my hair during childhood- always teetered between brown and blonde. I can’t wait until it’s long enough to put a real bow or clip in.

Effie started her fifth month by meeting one of my long-time blogger friends: talented writer and gorgeous mama, Jess from Jessica Lynn Writes! In fact, we got to meet her entire sweet little family. They totally exceeded my already high expectations! Such awesome, funny, personable folks.


And little Julia was just the cutest ever. Clearly Effie was in awe of her. Julia walking? Heart melting.

Effie also started her (hopefully long) animal rescuing career this month. We found a turtle in the road (a nasty mean looking one!) and she helped her nanny save him. He was coaxed into a plastic tub and then they let him go by a lake.


Every day gets better and better, even with the hard parts. Motherhood hasn’t been the most challenging part (though it is challenging)- it’s the amount of time I have to do it solo. The nights can be especially difficult, wondering if I’m doing the right things for her, meeting her needs. But in the morning, when I see this face? It’s all worth it and I know I’m doing a good job.


And yes… she’s a tiny little clone of Big Daddy. Except he NEVER looks that happy at 7am. Only difference between those two.

I’ve also posted about one million baby outfit-of-the-day photos of her. I don’t know why, but that keeps me so happy! Meanwhile, I look like a homeless hobo. I guess that’s part of being a mom!

I obviously instagram her a ton, and I finally found a way to use them that really excites me! Sticky9 (formerly Stickygram) allows you to access your instagram photos and create 9 magnets for $14.99 (with free shipping!) Look how awesome they look on our fridge!


You can also get 15% off your first order! (Making those 9 magnets only $12.74… or there are other products like iPhone/tablet covers.) Just use my referral code FRIENDTTHZ. They had me at free shipping, but the magnets were so cute I’ll definitely be coming back for more!

I have so many things I am working on (in my head) posts about, so it’s disappointing that yet again, my last update was a month ago. I have a list of our best-loved baby items that I hope to go up around her 6 months. I have some car seat safety information I want to share (I went on a research binge recently. I’m that mom. Sorry.) And then I have a craft to share to lighten it up! I made these for Effie this month:


I had lots of people ask me how to do it, so I plan to do a quick tutorial to share!

Hopefully these posts will be up soon- and as Effie takes longer naps hopefully that will make it easier to do some posts on the weekends! If not… I’ll see you for her 6 month post (gahhh!)

February 15th, 2014

Effie - Month Four

I’d apologize for all the Effie posts and tell you I have other stuff to post about soon, but that’s a lie. Effie is pretty much my life now! (No complaints here!) Can you believe she’s 4 months old today? Someone today asked if she was 8 months. Time is flying for me and my big girl!


We’re 1/3 of the way through her first year. I just cannot process that!

Month Four

Milestones: Effie has been changing so much in her abilities this month. We started around three months with her jumper, but she was mostly just sitting passively. Now she is REALLY using it. She loves to push the buttons to hear music, and hit all the noisy moving parts. Most of all she loves JUMPING and standing. Her legs are so strong. She also has started noticing herself in our mirror (we have a mirrored wall) and gets so excited. It’s the best! She’s also really improved her grasping and is getting better at directing what she grabs, and also moving with purpose. She also will blow raspberries back at us, and went through a week or two phase of doing it ALL. THE. TIME. Our pediatrician seemed to dismiss it a bit, but I’ve also noticed that she practices sitting more. She sometimes just lets herself go forward, or tries to push up to stand, but with minimal support she often enjoys sitting and observing. She loves sitting (with me RIGHT there) on our bathroom counter and looking into the mirror while trying to grab the bottles of product I have laying out.

Sleep: Meh. This is a win some, lose some battle right now. Although it got a little messed up due to some travel this month, she’s pretty much taking 3 naps during the day, but without any set “time” yet. At night, she’s been sleeping (with wakeups) from about 7:30pm to 8:00am. But those wakeups kill me. She truly doesn’t need bottles in the middle of the night now, but she still wakes up DEMANDING them. She also – more frustratingly- wakes up whining for her paci to be put back in. Multiple times. This week I’m beginning an attempt to transition from paci to lovey. Basically, now that she’s getting a schedule down, it’s time to teach her to self-soothe and put her down drowsy so she can teach herself to go to sleep. She’s still in our room- which as of March-ish we are changing. So many things to try regarding sleep, it’s stressing me out a little. I just want her to have a good night’s sleep (I think we end up waking each other up sharing a room!) and set her up with healthy sleep habits for life.

Eating: Homegirl has been HOUSING formula! We moved her to Dr. Brown’s bottles, and they are the first bottles she hasn’t collapsed the nipples of. Hooray! Unfortunately, they didn’t help her (increasingly bad) gas. She’s also begun majorly spitting up this month. Our ped switched her to Similac for Spit Up, and while that’s nearly cured her of spitting up (it has rice proteins to help keep food heavier and down), it has done nothing for her gas. I’m open to any and all suggestions on this issue. Despite the hurdles, we are so proud of the improvements in her eating! She’s up to 5 oz about every 3 hours. I thought we’d never break the every 2 hour cycle so that’s great news for us!

Health: Besides the teething and gas, Effie is super healthy and happy. Her visit to the pediatrician this week was awesome. She is 14 lbs (we were told 14 lb 3.5 oz, aka 55th%, but she had just taken a 3 oz bottle so I’m thinking she’s closer to 14 lbs.) She’s also STILL tall, 26 inches or the 97th%. Just four feet shorter than her daddy! She had shots at her visit too, which I honestly thought were worse than the 2 month shots. Luckily we won’t have to deal with that for another two months!

Worst Moment: No question- our flight back from NJ last week. I’ll post this week about our trip, but last minute, Effie and I flew to New Jersey because my sister Rosh was home for two weeks from Armenia. The flight there was cake. The flight home was horrible. A full flight, they moved my seat (I prefer – and selected- aisle, but got middle, ended up in the window seat) and then Effie had a blowout at 30,000 feet. A full on, poop on everything, almost threw out her clothes blowout. She also cried and fussed most of the flight. As I carried my poo-soaked daughter to the bathroom (right as the seatbelt light went on) someone 5 rows up said “Is that the little baby making all that noise?” THROAT PUNCH. I cried more than once on that flight. Never. Again.

Best Moment: SO much went on this month, that it is hard to pick! Of course, having her meet all my friends and family was amazing. Having Rosh meet her finally was an awesome moment. It was also awesome that Bitty got to spend time with two of her grandmas here in FL this month. I think all the people we got to see were our “best” moment!

This was such an amazingly busy month for us!

Growth-wise, I’m always surprised how big my little girl is. She’s still comfortably fitting in most of her 0-3 month onesies and shirts. Anything pants or footed though, she’s 3-6 months, and she fits into some 3-6 month tops too. She also moved into size 2 diapers this month.

I attended a few mom group-type meetups this month. Effie does so great when she’s out and about, and just loves observing. That makes my job so easy. (Unless we’re on a plane, apparently.) We got E an amber teething necklace this month too. Not sure yet if it’s doing anything, but regardless it is adorable.


(I decided to tie a small knot in it to temporarily shorten it, after posting this picture.)

We had a blast with my Mommers aka “Nene” when she visited in late January. We went to Downtown Disney one day and enjoyed the gorgeous weather.


We call this “Effie Mad Face.”

After my mom left, B and I took Effie to Disney for the first time. She had been to visit one of the resorts, and Downtown Disney, but never an actual park. The trip deserves it’s own post, but I’ll just say that it was AMAZING!

On January 30th, I remembered my dad after 10 years since we lost him. It was hard, knowing the amazing granddaughter he is missing out on. My mom brought me a lot of baby pictures so it was nice to look through and remember.


This month was also the one year anniversary of when I found out I was pregnant. I have officially known about Effie for one full year as of February 4th! So crazy to think about.

And then of course, was our trip to New Jersey. I’ll detail it in another post (it deserves it’s own) but even with the flight home sucking, the trip as a whole was full of WIN. One thing that I was super excited about was that I think we’ve “mastered” babywearing!


When I found out we were going to New Jersey I panicked, since E wasn’t super keen on babywearing, and I was NOT feeling confident either. I reached out to mom friends and got a lot of help. I figured out how to make our Ergo work well for us (and got tips for our Boba that I have not tried yet, since I knew I wouldn’t want to mess with it in the airport.) I ended up ordering another carrier based on a recommendation, and it was amazing! I got the Infantino Sash Mei Tai Carrier very affordably on Amazon. It is, for me, the perfect mix of structured and soft. It feels more secure than the Boba, but no buckles and such to mess with like on the Ergo. Best of both worlds for me. We had great success with it on the trip, and I’ve used it since around the house as well. I don’t know how anyone traveling alone with a baby could make it through security without one of these!

One of my favorite parts of any month are the holidays. Even though Effie doesn’t realize or care that it is a holiday, it makes me excited to “celebrate” them with her. This month she had her first Valentine’s Day!


She went on a date with her parents (poor girl!) on the 13th to celebrate! I love getting her dressed up for holidays. What’s next- St Paddy’s Day? I can’t wait to pick out an outfit for her! Baby outfit photos are probably one of my favorite things of all time.

It’s been a great 4th month for Effie! Thanks for letting me share it with all of you!