October 16th, 2012

Whirlwind Indy Trip

Our first trip back to Indy together since the move, and it was such an amazing and full weekend!

Very bright and early on Friday, we dropped the pugs off to be boarded. At Disney World. Did you know they did that? Cause they do. It was adorable. I only had 13 panic attacks about it, compared to the usual 47 I have when leaving them.

We unfortunately didn’t have direct flights, and we had a long layover in Newark, NJ. Remember… I’m from NJ. Well I text my mom right before my first flight and she says she’s actually flying that day too. I have no idea if she’ll be at Newark, or if she is, at which terminal (Newark is huge and getting between terminals is a nightmare.)

B and I had about a three hour layover when we landed, so we got to our terminal and then sat down for lunch (and some huge beers. It had been a long day already.) They sat us at the bar overlooking the terminal. I said to B, “wouldn’t it be funny if we saw my mom walk by!?” and he said “There is a 99.9% chance that is not going to happen.” Literally, his words. And then one minute later…my mom walks by.

Ewwww no makeup. Sorry.

It was amazing to see my mom and have lunch with her. She had a fun weekend in Minneapolis!

We got into Indy at 5:30 and our friends Amber and Aaron were kind enough to host us. We always have a blast with them!

“Excited to be here!”

Amber and I got dressed to head to our old stomping ground, aka Broad Ripple. Obviously the guys did too but they don’t take pictures before going out like us girls!

We went to Kilroy’s (the same place B and I went for New Years, just opening an additional location) and got their amazing breadsticks, of course. Some beers, some food, and we were of course having a blast. I saw lots of people I adore! (Pardon the mix of good camera pictures and iPhone pictures.)

My old work pal Vic…

…and my Old Navy work pal Terrian!

Oh and did I mention that Best Man Dan came to town?

We stayed out nice and late and pretended we weren’t old. And then Saturday, it was wedding time!

We were in Indy to celebrate Mark and Elizabeth’s wedding. Mark is a college friend of B’s and served as an usher in our wedding. They are the most adorable couple and we were so excited to celebrate their wedding with them!

The single only GOOD picture I got was with Amber! We found some good lighting. Although she has a much better tan than me! I am bringing shame to all Floridians.

Which means… B and I did NOT get any stellar photos together. The best two of the bunch were:

Ugh.. suck it in, girl.


iPhone pic from the bar post-wedding and pre-reception

And so now’s the point where I show you all the other awesome photos I took!

The church, pre wedding

Annnd that’s it. Literally. I was the biggest photo-fail of all time. I tried to take a few without flash in the church but they were a blurry bust because of the motion. Including the world’s cutest baby aka the ring bearer that I borderline stalked. None. I got nuthin’. Reception, too. I started not feeling too great around dinner- I blame it on drinks + flying + not enough water over the previous 48 hours. I went outside to get air and then switched to water… I guess I was just off my game. Not even a bride or groom picture.

They looked great. Please take my word for it. Seriously, stunning – they’re an amazing couple.

I cannot express the disappointment I felt when I looked at my camera excitedly the next morning. I never fail this hard on photo taking.

Despite the lack of photo proof, we had a blast. Post-wedding (and all the dancing!) we went back to Broad Ripple to see some friends who were out there. I miss seeing all of them! (And Heather- I am demanding you start blogging again because I need more Emma pictures!!!!) Then we headed home, but not before crashing at a friend’s place just to jump on his bed when he and his girlfriend were trying to sleep. Classic evening!

Sunday morning came very quickly. We had an awesome breakfast with B’s family! We got to see a bunch of them but of course our nephew Charlie was the highlight! He is a crawling machine!

We had two long flights home and were excited to see our babies back in Orlando. This is the photo that Disney sent us!

Sophie looked pissed that we left her, Harley looked adorable, but Dixie. Ohhhh Dixie. I’m not sure she could have been smiling any wider. She loves meeting other dogs and going on adventures- she seemed pissed when we got home and she realized it was over. They also came home with an A+ report card!

We had such a blast with our friends in Indy, but it’s great to be back home with the pugs and not having to wake up early after nights of drinking. I am too old for that! But it was worth it for the fun we had this weekend. Who knows the next time we will be back!? Maybe the 500 next year in May? Only time will tell!

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