August 22nd, 2013

What…? A NAIL POLISH post?!

I know, I know… I’ve been baby-focused lately. You know I’m a tired pregnant lady when there have been days I actually chose to let my chipped nails stay instead of re-painting them. THE SHAME.

Whenever I have work meetings I do more tame (boring) nail colors. Which are nice sometimes. B noticed my beige nails a week or two back and commented on how he wasn’t used to- and didn’t like!- seeing me with such boring nails! So I’ve been trying to step it up a bit lately. He’s right… fun nails are very “me!”

This weekend I had painted my nails with essie Penny Talk, from their mirror metallics collection. When I was at Walmart recently, I was checking out the Hard Candy makeup selection, and almost bought Black Tie Optional. It’s been a “want” of mine for a while. But then I saw Maybelline had a total dupe, Clearly Spotted, for about $1.50 less. Done. I added the glitter as a topcoat to my metallic nails, then posted this picture on instagram:


(…because who doesn’t love a new PLANNER!?!?!)

While the point of my post initially was my new day planner giddiness, I was so surprised how many people were really into my manicure!

It is a little off the wall. Super metallic and warm polish, with the mod, glossy, black and white glitter. It’s not a pairing I would have thought up beforehand- I just felt like trying my new glitter. And it worked.


I’d love to see this awesome glitter over other colors!



I think this glitter would work great over any metallic for the same effect. Silver would be safer. A colored metallic would be fabulous. Any in the essie Mirror Metallics collection would work. I also am itching to try this over Butter London Fairy Lights, my absolute favorite pink. It would look awesome over a neon polish, too. Ooooh…. maybe China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy!

Both Hard Candy and Maybelline have some great colors with these spotty glitters, including some in colored bases instead of clear, so they have jelly sandwich-like effects.

Want to add some drama to your manicure? Try a non-traditional glitter! Not bad for less than $3!

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