January 11th, 2011

Weird Al Mackovic

I got my black MacBook (aka Bernie Mac) back in 2007. Bernie wasn’t doing so good for me though. Although the black MacBooks were among the elite when I bought it (I spent a lot of time picking it!) Bernie did not meet my needs for long. I think it said today that I have 22,602 photos. Sadly, I’m not kidding.

Then in October 2009, this happened:

Don’t try to drink and compute. Bernie’s poor screen! It only got worse, sadly. Big black, thick-line crack. And $700 to replace the screen through Apple. Notgunnahappen. So I figured I’d keep using it as-is and eventually upgrade.

That day has finally come. Now before you go gossiping about “but isn’t she always complaining she’s poor!?” yes, B is in school and we have way less income. However – not that it’s anyone’s business – a distant relative of my dad’s biological family (long story) died and all living blood relatives got a small inheritance. Not a ton, but enough to help with bills until B is salaried and maybe pay off some debt, and to help us with a few vital things- a new mattress, dental work for the pugs, and… get me a new computer. The way my mom put it was to “buy what you couldn’t afford to if you had to buy it if it broke.” Which is naturally my computer. I can buy another point-and-shoot camera, or other small fun electronics and gadgets. But it was time to proactively upgrade the computer.

Yesterday Big Daddy and I spent a while at the Apple store. Which happens to be located where I used to work and was fired from. So… I wore a disguise. AKA a hat and a scarf pulled tightly around my neck. I really, really did NOT want to see anyone I knew from there. Being fired is embarrassing.

We were given tons of information and I chose the MacBook Pro 13 inch. (I love my current 13 inch, and I hate using bigger laptops!) We paid for that, AppleCare, and One-to-One (highly recommended from my mom- it’s $99 I think for a year’s worth of personal lessons on your computer and how to use it, plus they transfer your old computer onto your new one for you for free.) I was told I could pick up my computer the next day!

At dinner, we decided to name the new computer Weird Al Mackovic. I like naming things that I own and since the MacBook Pro has that aluminum finish, we got Al… which led to Weird Al Mackovic after Weird Al Yankovic. I hope he doesn’t befall the same fate as Bernie Mac (the person) did.

Today I went with B after work to pick up both Bernie and Weird Al Mackovic. We got ’em both easily and then got home to open it!

First I gave Bernie a sad hug. Sidenote: who wants to buy B photography lessons?

The big box-opening reveal…

The pugs were very anxious to meet Al!

And so was I! It was love at first click.

Please don’t look at my side table. It’s become a catch-all for my crap these past few weeks… since this corner is kind of my desk. Sob. So nasty.

Joining One-to-One and getting everything set up and transferred from Bernie to Al made a HUGE difference. Everything was the same, from internet bookmarks to recently visited sites to my desktop background. They did a great job and took care of my babies!

Anyone have any suggestions for what I should try to learn in my one-on-one sessions? Anyone have any MacBook Pro tips? Feel free to share ’em!

ps- I am planning to sell Bernie (who is more of a fixer-upper OR a great Mac for people less photo-focused than me) so if you are interested, just let me know!

15 comments to Weird Al Mackovic

  • Aw, poor Bernie’s screen! I have a big crack in the plastic on my MacBook because R dropped it on my hardwood floor three years ago! I’m lucky that the screen itself isn’t damaged.

    Your new computer is so pretty – glad you were able to get it!

  • MK

    I am SO JEALOUS. I want a Mac so bad but its not in the budget. What I love most is that you wore a disguise. It wasn’t enough that you have dark hair now but a scarf hahahaaha I seriously love it.

  • Yahoo for Al Mackovic!!! :D
    He’s so shiny and beautiful.

  • My Mac is seriously my baby. Take good care of Al!!

  • I am so excited for you for the newfound money! Everything happens for a reason. Sorry about the death, but still, I’m so happy everything is working out so well for yall!! :)

    Yay for your new baby, Al!

    PS: I’m posting the dialect vlog as I type!

  • Welcome to the family Mackovich! (So very happy for you Kel!)

  • YAY! New computers (heck, new anythings) are so exciting! My home Mac is the big one (15 inch I guess) and my work Mac (yep, I have my own MacBook for work!!) is the 13 inch. Not sure which I like better.

    Also, only assholes would think, “Wait, isn’t she always complaining she’s poor?” And I don’t think many assholes read your blog and if they do, then I’d like to have a word with them. And by “have a word”, clearly I mean “cut a bitch.”

    • kjpugs

      I think my thinking was that I hate when people spend outside their means. And I judge people. Like when someone at work complains how poor they are but then goes out to lunch at Steak and Shake every day. So I wanted to elaborate so people don’t think I’m a huge hypocrite!

  • Yeah, screw anyone who would whine about you being poor – a computer is pretty darn essential these days :) congrats on weird al – I love my macbook :o)

  • Aww Bernie! How cute that you hugged him :)
    The same thing happened on my dad’s side of the family with a random inheritance. I wonder if we are related? Haha

  • Yay! We can be mactwins! And love the sheen of your hair!

  • Yay for new shiny macbook!!! Only suggestion I have for learning at your one-on-one sessions is setting up Time Machine. I can’t tell you how many times my Time Machine has saved my booty!!

  • Hooray for a new laptop! Although I don’t know how you can work on such a small screen, I went the opposite direction when I bought myself a new laptop last Christmas, and got a 17 inch!

  • You know what’s weird? I don’t think I would ever upgrade my mac unless it was completely necessary (like cracking the screen) I have used a macbook pro and omg…. I was so lost. Isn’t that funny!?!!

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