October 1st, 2012

Weekend with B

It almost never happens, but this past weekend B was off work! In fact, he’s been off for five days (Thursday-Monday), a non-requested little break between positions. Tomorrow starts the new job!

We managed to find a ton of things to do while spending precious time together. Friday we went for a bunch of beers at the aptly named World of Beer. No complaints there! I was obviously in my element.

Saturday, my Orlando friend Lisa brought over a surprise gift for the pugs… a new pug balloon buddy!!!!!! They were… not excited.

I think you can tell how scared Dixie was of it by her HOP away from the balloon! PS I don’t really say “friend” like that, I was for some strange reason mimicking my Twinner in Oklahoma! Sorry, Twinner!

Dixie Meets Balloon Pug from Kelly J H on Vimeo.

Thanks for all the laughs, Lisa!

After some hilarity with the pugs, we went downtown to a free concert series. The theme for Saturday’s concert was THE 80’s!!! Naturally, I was thrilled! There was a great cover band, Switch, on the south stage. They absolutely rocked.

We loved people watching and listening to the music.

Some of the amazing Orlando food trucks were in attendance. I was wooed by Kona Dog and absolutely could not get enough. And we even tried a late night smores crepe from The Crepe Company. It was 90 degrees until the sun set, and we walked a ton, so I didn’t feel guilty for a little indulging. Oh, and did I mention that The Romantics and Modern English (“I Melt With You”) were there? I didn’t realize Modern English was actually them, and not a cover, until B pointed it out. 80’s fail.

On Sunday, B and I hit the stores for some much-needed clothes shopping. B especially has lost so much weight that his clothes, for the most part, look sloppy because they’re too big. We got him a bunch of snazzy new things. I also had a $15 off $50 coupon for Old Navy so I picked up this adorable outfit:

Dark, warm, khaki (camel? I cannot figure out the name for that color) skinnies (!!) and a pink chambray shirt. I tried it with a regular chambray but B suggested pink and it looked so much better. Also, trust that I will NOT wear it with those shoes. I’m in the market for some leopard print flats.

Sunday evening, B and I spent some time relaxing, but I also had blogger book club!!!! Here is my failed attempt at a screen shot…

Left to right, we had Angi (I gave them no notice of the screen capture because it took me 47 tries, whoops), Bailie, Jayme, me, and Nikki. We had a few people who also couldn’t join in that plan to next month. It was so much fun to talk about the book and compare our thoughts, ideas, and¬†especially¬†likes/dislikes. I have never done a book club before, but it made me realize new things about our book and I am so glad we got to discuss it! Also, it was fun just talking to all the girls! When I win the lottery I am flying you all here to hang out!

In case you’re wondering… the book we read was The Year of the Gadfly. Here is Nikki’s review that made me suggest it for the book club (and she was happy to re-read it!) It was an awesome book that brought me back to high school but also indulged the part of me that is into history, mysteries, and lots of twists and turns. The characters were also very well “built” and made you want to learn more about them. Definitely a recommendation!

Alas, today was Monday and that meant back to the grind. But B has a few more nights off while he trains (his new job will be nights-only) so I have convinced him to help me with a recipe to share with you all this week! Keep your eyes peeled for something yummy in the next few days. Happy October, everyone!

12 comments to Weekend with B

  • I wasn’t even looking! I thought for sure I was smiling!

  • Emily

    If you lived in Cali we would be best friends! I’m obsessed with leopard accessories. Target has cheap ones to get you through until you find better ones. They’re like $14.99 ;)

  • Book club was so much fun! Unfortunately I look terribly in that picture! I can’t wait for you to start reading Gone Girl! I’m only on pg 25 but need to discuss it already! I love your new outfit! Leopard flats would be super cute with that! (Leopard flats are cute with just about everything). I could really use some new ones- mine are like 7 years old and Buddy ate the inside out of one so they aren’t the most gorgeous things ever. Let me know if you find some good ones!

  • Sara

    You look great! Great weekend too! I’m afraid to try skinnies.

  • O good lord that is a horrible shot of me!!! Also super cute outfit, I second or third the Target option for leopard flats I used to have some from there and I loved them!

  • Yay! I’m glad you got your pug balloon after all! Very cute.

    I love that you are in a book club online! How fun that you video chat about the book. I have been in an online book club for over a year now, but we use a chat room. It is so fun and I have become really, really close friends with the other ladies in the group. My favorite part of the month.

  • I adore that outfit and miggghhhttt go buy it. Do you care that I copy you? ;)
    Also, the video wouldn’t load for me. :(

  • Twinner

    It actually DID sound like me when you said ‘freeeee-end’! Weird.

    You should know I tried those camel skinnies on at Old Navy last week too (twinners!) BUT the girl that worked there just flat out told me the color looked HORRIFIC on me. I mean, I think she was right but… ouch. Brutal honesty in the dressing room.

  • Twinner

    JUST in case it wasn’t clear, I think they look really great on you!!!

  • Loved our first book club meeting! I’m bummbed my internet cut out for a bit so I missed some of our discussion but I’m excited to start reading for this month.

    I think I have to stop by Old Navy now. I’ve been looking for a chambray top too and the ones I’ve seen other places have been way too “hipster”. Picture multiple shades of denim, faux pockets. I just want a normal one!

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