March 31st, 2011


Hi guys! Here, finally, on the last day of the month, I am posting my VOTMC video for March. Woohoo! You can totally tell I’m all sick and stuffed up. Click here to read the March prompt.

VOTMC March 2011 – RANT! from Kelly J H on Vimeo.

As a follow up to the vlog…

Hope you’ve had a wonderful birthday, Twinner! Guys, my Twinner started a tumblr – Stuff Kel Likes – and you all need to go check it out and admire her wonderful taste in art, fashion, and home decor. Love you, Twinner! And Sophie sends her love to Pearl, of course.

Now- onto the supplementary material from my rant.

Some rescue links (aka pug rescues I love, and Petfinder):


Kentuckiana Pug Rescue

Green Mountain Pug Rescue

Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue

Southeast Pug Rescue and Adoption

If you are interested in a specific breed of dog, simply google your state or metro area with the word rescue. I found KPR by googling “Indiana pug rescue.” If you aren’t leaning towards a specific breed, you should look into area shelters, or your local Humane Society.

Educate yourself about puppy mills. Start with the Wikipedia page. I thought about adding pictures but it was too much. Remind yourself that these puppy mill dogs go DIRECTLY to pet stores. Also, it’s not a coincidence that the highest concentration of puppy mills in one place is Lancaster, PA. While I have no issue with 99% of the Amish lifestyle, their puppy mills are a huge detriment to animal rights. This article sums it up pretty well. Often times they will shoot the animals instead of getting rid of the dogs they are “done with” in a humane way, like surrendering them, or even having a vet euthanize them if absolutely necessary. Puppy mills aren’t well regulated and often times, the Amish will fight AGAINST legislation to make them more humane. Amish people crowded downtown Indianapolis in 2009 over this. They ended up passing just small parts of the legislation. Including one that is important to me, that commercial dog breeders would be prohibited from housing dogs in a cages containing a wire floor unless there is some way the dogs can be off the wire floor. My pug Sophie has nerve damage to her paws – and hates walking on grass, or gravel – because she lived her first few years standing on the wire floor of her cage before that regulation passed.

Anyway, I hope you all know now how easy it is to help rescues if you are interested. You can help in ways besides adopting too, everything from buying stuff like magazines to fostering, like Hannah! I really hope that I made you all think a little about dog rescue!

Don’t forget to check out VOTMC for April’s prompt, it will go up April 1! I promise to do it early next time!

9 comments to VOTMC March

  • I would totally get a rescue animal. I want a rescue doggie!!!

  • Twinner

    I love you Twinner, thanks for the shout out! My tumblr is a random mess but you’re sweet to send people over!

    Loved your vlog too! Hi Sophie Sophieeee!


  • There are so many people that are breeders who SHOULDN’T be and I completely agree with you that someone should be a vet or trained in some way in order to be one. It’s not just a hobby.

    I applied to be a Westie rescue foster mom a while back and didn’t get a response, I really need to look into it again!

  • We rescued Tyler and Joey and found them via Petfinder! I kind of had to fight Josh to make him understand why I don’t want to use a breeder when we’re ready for a dog. Full disclosure: I absolutely want a puppy. But I know I can find one on Petfinder or through other rescue organizations. And if we can’t find one when we start looking, we’ll keep looking. I think getting a pet of ANY kind (cat, dog, ferret, hamster…whatever) should be a thoroughly thought out decision, not one you make overnight.

    My SIL, who I love with all of my heart, got her English Bulldog from an Amish family last May. I feel like if she knew what she was doing and what she was supporting by doing that, it wouldn’t have happened. And AND they paid 2K for him. WHAT?!?! Crazy. He’s an amazing dog, but it’s just sad to know what his mother has probably gone through and WILL go through in the future. I’m just not sure how to broach the subject of NOT doing this again. Anyway, this is long. But good for you for being so passionate.

    Also your hair looks REALLY good.

  • HAhahahaha the amish people and puppy mill line cracked my shit up. You are hilarious but the best part is you can be funny while talking about a serious issue. I am all for animal rescue… It’s so sad how many wonderful animals are killed because of people’s cruelty, laziness or selfishness.

  • Hi little pug Sophie! Yay for a new job. Boo for a sinus infection.

    Happy birthday twinner!

    (I secretly want politics. Feel free to call me any time. You know the numba)

    Episode 2. I want it. NOW.

    Thank you for telling people that they need to STOP breeding to breed. Disgusting.

    THANK YOU FOR SAYING YOU CAN GET PUPPIES THROUGH RESCUES. This is the most annoying argument against rescues ever, “I want a puppy.” My rescue has at least 25 puppies (newborns) right now (thanks to puppy mills/hoarders). This pisses me off.

    Yes. Rescues check for behavior, they can tell you what the dogs are good with. Rescues have literal “match makers” where people spend their time making sure the dogs are going into good houses. Please tell me that breeders spend hours doing that? They don’t. They want their money. (Even if they’re good breeders, they’re not doing it to match dogs perfectly.)

    So many people never knew what you were talking about. I am SO GLAD you choose to rant about this topic. Yay for education!

    Tebow was probably $1000 from a breeder. He was surrendered to the rescue. For $125 we got a pure bred, 2 year old bundle of fluff who was up to date with shots, had a clean bill of health, was fixed and had a microchip. (And Tebow rocks my socks)

    Fine. I will accept your breed dog if its a seeing eye dog.

    Actually, did you know that jails are partnering up with rescues to help train rescued dogs? It is an AWESOME program where they personality test the dogs, train them to do tricks and sometimes even train them to be helper dogs! How awesome is that? So they might not be seeing eye dogs, but they’re rescues turned into working dogs. I know. Awesome.

    (Easy article I pulled up:

    LOVE YOU KJ. Thanks for doing this! GO VOTMC!

  • “There is a dog rescue out there for everyone.”


    Thank you so much for choosing this as your rant. I could go off on this for days too. So happy to hear you are an advocate.

    Thank you! Thank you!

  • Blech. Puppy mills make me angry/sad/rage/depressed. Rescuing is the ONLY WAY to go. When we adopt our 3rd dog (a pug!!) we are using Petfinder. Both of our dogs have been rescues. I honestly get really upset when people don’t do their research before they go to get a pet. SO MANY people have such horrible misconceptions of rescue animals and it just breaks my heart. I actually heard one person (hiding their identity) say “but rescues are dirty and misbehaved and we have a child. we can’t risk it.” I honestly have never had to bite my tongue more. If it wasn’t someone I had to speak with daily professionally, I would have gone off. There are so many resources out there to educate people on this and I just wish more people knew. SO thank you for posting this. I hope it reaches the people it needs to!

  • Girl, you put it so well! I’m from MO–aka the Puppy Mill Capital of the US. I see first hand EVERY DAY how bad the problem is. Thanks for helping to spread the message to end puppy mills. A great website on the topic is–this is the coalition that’s working to implement laws to confront puppy mills.


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