September 1st, 2011

Updates Updates Updates

So here’s what’s going on in my world…

  • The pugs are doing great in the new place! I’m so proud of them! I peeked into their “room” today before letting them out and they were just relaxing on the couch- absolutely adorable.
  • Big Daddy and I did a very ghetto job of attaching a headboard to our bedframe. Very NOT Young House Love. Very frustrating and not photo-worthy. Pictures of our new room coming soon. Maybe.
  • This is awesome news: my wonderful sister Min and her boyfriend A GOT ENGAGED two days ago!!!

    My sister Rosh and I are busy planning the wedding for her. Whether she likes it or not. We are hoping to book Kris Kardashian Jenner to officiate.
  • It is September which means… it’s Lipsticktember! I am wearing lipstick every day this month, just like last year. Join me, won’t you?
  • Honestly, with everything going on right now, I might’ve forgotten it was Lipsticktember if it wasn’t for a package I got from Hannah today!

    In case you can’t read this, the best part? “The lipstick is obviously for Lipsticktember and the vanilla vodka is to make you drunk.”

    LOVE!!! Hannah’s been telling me how great e.l.f. lipstick is for a while. I threw one on this evening to start off Lipsticktember right.
  • I am learning a lot at my cupcake job- it’s like a nice little fun zen hobby for me, but better. Including how to pull shots of espresso, steam milk, and make lots of delicious drinks! Look at me go… anyone in Indy really needs to come visit me there some Saturday!
  • The Jeep I’m driving (because my commute is slightly shorter, so I’m back to having the crap car) has nearly 193,000 miles and no air conditioning. It was nearly 100 degrees today. Wah. There was a cupcake casualty due to heat, unfortunately.

Whew. Verbal diarrhea…. my life is crazy and exhausting right now! At least it’s finally September, time to cool down and slow down.

Oh- and more on Lipsticktember on Saturday hopefully. If anyone wants to join me in wearing lipstick this month, well… please do! I am tweeting it with hashtag #lipsticktember and you totally should too.

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