January 17th, 2013

TWI with DietBet Motivation

Thank goodness for DietBet, you guys.

Weeks: -6.4

Total: -49

I am SO CLOSE to fifty pounds down! This DietBet has really whipped me into shape. When I weighed in for the DietBet start, I was down .4 from last TWI. Then on Monday, DietBet showed us how to weigh in “unofficially” and so I said, what the hey! and weighed in to find out I was down 1.4 lbs. Then today, I was down another 4.6!

I can thank at least today’s weigh in on some amazing eating- mostly vegetarian, lots of grapefruit, nuts, and eggs- and limited carbs. Carbs kill me. I have also been doing well with my running. B and I ran 3 miles together on Tuesday! It was a huge accomplishment and got me excited for our 5k together later this month.

I think I may go up a little in the next week, as I’m going to be in New Jersey for a few days. But in the meantime, it feels great! I’ll just keep working hard and eating healthy, and I know results will follow. I also feel so much stronger and capable! It’s a great side effect of running. I may dread going out there but I feel awesome after a run.

I was looking on facebook for an old picture to use for “throwback Thursday” (a thing that apparently exists on Instagram that I got suckered into wanting to do) and came across a picture I HATED from the party after my rehearsal dinner. My stomach was just disgusting… hanging out so visibly it looks like my gut has it’s own gut. So after my run I took a picture for comparison. My stomach is my most hated body part- it just never wants to be flat and will probably always have rolls- but it’s nice to look at the improvements from time to time. So, I made another comparison photo!

Please ignore the horrible photo quality and my filthy bathroom mirror! I didn’t do a photoshoot like I did with my previous comparison photos. I just wanted to show myself that I’ve come a long way! I didn’t start dieting until October of 2010, and unfortunately don’t remember my starting weight at the time. I gave up around June 2011, but restarted again in September- which is the journey I am still on. I really think I was heavier in the above left picture than I was in September 2011, 49 pounds ago. So you’re looking at at least 50 pounds difference there!

Let’s also tell fat KJ above that she needs to put down the Miller Lite! Eww! If I am going to drink my calories now it’s going to be a craft beer that packs a punch, like an IPA. I think we all know that now.

I have more work to do to get fit and healthier. But it’s nice to look back at how far I’ve come, too. I’m so glad I have old pictures (yuck!) and DietBet around to motivate me!

Also, thanks to everyone for all the sweet comments when I instagrammed this picture. Your support is huge motivation as well! Don’t let me go back there, friends!

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