January 20th, 2012

TWI – Welcome Back

The good news is I have weighed in weekly since my last TWI post. The bad news is I haven’t shared!

Dec 8: +1.2

Dec 15: -3.6

Dec 22: +2.2

Dec 29: -3.2

Jan 5: +0.4

Jan 12: +0.6

Jan 19: -1.4

Total: -25.6

So I’ve been pretty up and down, but I’ve reached 25 lbs lost! I’ve had a very hard time staying on plan. One day I’m great, the next I’m not. It’s been challenging to really write down everything I eat and plan my meals ahead.

Something I found through Hannah to help me was a challenge that Newlyweds on a Budget is hosting. It’s the Ten Pound Challenge! I was a little late to sign up, but Erika let me in at the very last minute. I wish I could have told you all about this sooner to get you involved! Anyway, the goal is to lose 10 pounds in 12 weeks. If you do that, there are a bunch of prizes you can win! I think this is the thing I need to get myself motivated and beat this plateau. I think we all know that I like to challenge myself! And I could definitely use some cash & prizes!

My goal for the next few days? Make a list of dinners I can easily prepare, then start meal planning so I have an easy grocery list each week. What helps you meal plan? What are your go-to quick and healthy weeknight meals?

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