February 21st, 2013

TWI – Ups and Downs!

I have not been looking forward to this…

Week(s): +3.8

Total: -44

I haven’t been eating that great, which you can see based on my lack of tracking on MFP. I haven’t been making horrible choices, just quantity choices are hurting me. I know that I always have ups and downs with my motivation while on this very long weight loss and health journey. Just waiting for the motivation to kick back in, hopefully soon!

I have some exciting DietBet news to share though. Sadly at the time my game ended, I was two pounds from my goal. I’m now pretty much right back to where I started before the game. But I am SO proud of the people who won our game! It was so much fun and I really liked connecting with readers and making new friends. And the exciting part: I talked to some people from DietBet and found out that my private game was THE LARGEST private game in January! And one of the largest they’ve ever had! Can you believe that? Great work joining together for a great cause, guys!

I chose not to do a DietBet again this month because 1) I’ve lost my motivation momentarily… couch potato city! 2) I already lost $20, and so did B (yeah we were bad) on the last one, and 3) I wanted to buy a heart rate monitor like all you cool runners have. I saved up my weekly money and bought it this week!

Amazon had this bronze color on special so I pounced. Andddd I am scared to try to set it up. Little watch type technology scares me. I feel like I have a Tamagotchi¬†again. So… advice/help is welcome. Or someone can just come to Florida and set it up for me. I like that option best.

Sadly I don’t have much more to share on the KJ “losing it” front. B’s hours got cut while his normal restaurant undergoes renovations, so he’s been home more, which means more hanging out with him and less blogging interesting things like recipes I’ve made or nail polish designs I’ve done. I’ve acquired quite a few polishes though that I hope to share in the next few days… bittersweet, as I’m currently on a no-buy! (Aka, banning myself from buying nail polish.)

Hope everyone is having a great week!

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