January 6th, 2013

TWI on Sunday and DietBet

Ouch, that first weigh in after letting yourself go for a little bit hurts, don’t it?

Weeks: +4.8

Total: -42.6

I’m not totally bummed. The last two weeks that I weighed in, I was already in the holiday downward spiral but somehow lost a combined 4.6 lbs. And was all “???” about it. So I dunno if it was some secret cleanse I accidentally did, or a once-a-decade magic poop or something, but I’m only .2 up from where I was the week before the mystery losses. So, that’s fine. I’d LOVE to be at 50 lbs lost soon though. I was so close I could taste it before. Even if I didn’t know how it happened.

B and I usually weigh in on different days (mine’s Thursday) but yesterday we both decided to just buck up and weigh Sunday together. Holiday haze is over! He only was up something like 3 lbs, and he can sweat that off in half a day at work. (He walked more than 17,000 steps when I had him wear a pedometer. I am both envious and scared.)

In positive news, I have been really progressing with my running! I’m seriously in love with Jeff Galloway (not in a creepy way.) I noticed that my first Jeff Galloway training run, I ran 10 minutes with a 14.8 min/mi pace. On my run yesterday, I ran 30 minutes with a 12.3 min/mi pace. And I felt great. I call that success!

I need to get a jump on the healthy eating and weight loss, though. So I decided to start a DietBet! Have you guys heard of this site?

I started the kjpugs’ DietBet for a $20 buy in. Basically, in four weeks, you try to lose 4% of your weight. They explain how it works much better than I could, so if you are interested, read their “How It Works” page.

The people who don’t lose 4% or more forfeit their buy-in ($20.) Everyone who did lose 4% splits the pot. So if 10 people buy in at $20, and 5 of them lose 4% or more, those 5 each come away with $40 – refunding their $20 buy-in and adding $20 to it!

I decided on a $20 buy-in because it’s a good amount of money that you’d be happy winning more than that, but not so much that you’d be really mad if you lost it. Ladies- how much did your husband or significant other spend on fantasy football? A certain Big Daddy spent $75 on his fantasy league and won only $24. So… this is the same thing only less expensive.

The DietBet lasts four weeks. This DietBet starts on Thursday! Weights need to be submitted on Tuesday, so players will need to join by then.

I made the DietBet private (invite only, and not public to view) because I think that just feels more secure when people are losing weight, and I didn’t want non-readers/friends joining. I want it to be a safe place! You know, except when I’m kicking your ass.

If you want to join my DietBet, please message/email me your name and email, and I’ll invite you. I hope to have some of you join in the competition!

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