September 6th, 2012

TWI – It’s a Wash

Talk about a roller coaster…

Last week: -1

This week: +1

Total: (still) -39.4

I had last week as 39.6 loss… got the .4/.6 mixed up. I reviewed MFP and showed where I was actually at. Either way, I lost a pound last week- putting me at the FORTY POUND MARK- and then gained it back this week. It happens. I had a crappy weekend and ate too much pizza. I tracked it and I knew what I was doing… but I’m back on track so there’s no need to worry.

The thing I’m really excited about- and that I have been wanting to post about but haven’t hit it to be able to- is how close Big Daddy and I are to hitting a total 100 lb loss between the both of us. We’ve lost 96.4 lbs combined as of today! He’s down 57 lbs, can you believe it!? Hopefully in the next few weeks we’ll reach that 100 lb total loss mark.

I have some goals for myself right now anyway… check out this dress I was talking about, my motivation dress:


Notice a fun little stalker in those photos anywhere?

I was able to zip up the dress, but sans-bra. (Yes I know… BOOBS.) It bunched in the back (like it wouldn’t lay flat and wasn’t fitting where it was supposed to) and was very tight over my stomach- it’s hard to see because it’s black, but you can kind of tell.

It would be awesome to wear this to the wedding we’re attending in five weeks. It is a size 14, and I’m staying true at 16 right now. Approximately 40 lbs lost and I went from an 18 to a 16… annoying. And yes, I know that’s a size that people are like “ew, plus size,” but I always wear “larger” sizes even at my skinniest. I’m literally big boned. This is me at a size 12:

I know, I want to do me too. If that above is a size 12, I really don’t care if anyone calls a size 12 fat, because I’d be cool looking like that forever. Big bones. Just like Cartman. OWN IT.

I should also add that once a WW leader told me 10 pounds was equal to a size lost. At that point I had lost 20 lbs and one size (16 to 14) and I was like… whatsthatnow? Excuse me? Yeah no. Maybe my body does 20 lbs/ size? Or now, 40 lbs / size? Ridiculous.

Anyway, I tried on some backup dresses (size 16’s) that I had and all of them were a tad big. So if operation: size 14 fails, I will at least be able to get the others nipped/tucked at a tailor.

Not sure there’s a point to this… onwards, I guess? Once I find a darn sports bra I hope to be more active. Where do you big-busted ladies shop for affordable, supportive sports bras?

And don’t forget… my jewelry sale is still on, and the nail polish giveaway ends today! Go now!

14 comments to TWI – It’s a Wash

  • You look so great, girly! And I would never even think you’re even a 14 right now! You look much smaller than that. People like you inspire me but then I always make an excuse to fall off the wagon! :(

  • I am just like you. It takes forever to lose a size and meanwhile you have people chirping in your ear, “Oh my gosh, 20 lbs? That’s like 2 sizes already!” Yeah, no. And then in a nano second, it seems, I gain it back.

    At my thinnest, I too was a 12. That was after running a fricking marathon! And I look back at those pictures and I’m like “really, 12?” because I feel like I looked SO much smaller than that.

    The progress you’re making is awesome, and really monumental when you think of it in terms of how much you and BD have lost together. 100 lbs! That’s like 1000 beers! Great job!

  • That dress is so damn cute, what a great motivator! I just started counting calories again, such a pain, but I know it’s what really works. Trying out My Fitness Pal this time to see if I like it better than tracking through my fitbit program.

    And I got an awesome sports bra last fall from Dick’s sports, it’s by Under Armour. Totally go try something on and bounce around in the dressing room though, that’s how I found this one that works well for running. I used to wear two crappy sports bras together, and I like this one way better (plus it’s nice to be able to, ya know, breathe while running!).

  • I love the dress! You can totally do it, I know you can! I suck at losing weight. I’ve never been good at exercising (except when I HAD to like in organized sports in HS and College) so I applaud your efforts.
    I bought this bra and I like that it has the hooks in the back like a normal bra, PLUS you can adjust the straps. Win/Win. Bonus – cheap for a sports bra.

  • I know I say this all the time, but I’m so freaking proud of you! FORTY pounds?! Amazing. I’m also big boned (I hate how it has a bad rep, because I really am!) My smallest was a 12, too, but I was rocking a two-piece and short shorts and everything! I look at those photos now and literally want to go back in time and kick myself for thinking I was fat.

    I’m mostly proud that you’ve kept up your journey despite not going down in sizes. That’s determination, and you’re rocking at it.

  • Alyssa

    I am also a big boned gal…at my skinniest I was still a size 14. I tend to have size differences in dresses pretty quickly but jeans are a completely different story. After I lost 30 pounds the first time around I went from a 22 to a 20. Womp. Now when I squeeze into an 18 in jeans I’m thrilled! And PS you look amaaaaazing! Xo

  • Jill NN

    Congrats on your 40 pound loss! Amazing. I can never get past a 25 pound weight loss and then I start creeping back up. And I carry a lot of my weight in my chest. (Lame!) I wear Shock Absorber sports bras. I buy them off of Ebay for $40ish.

    Here’s the website:
    Check them out. Seriously, I’m a size G and it’s the only bra I can wear to do jumping jacks.

    Also, check the chart to find your UK size. American sizing isn’t the same.

  • I thought I commented on this post yesterday but I think you’ve inspired me to do a “you should love your hot size 12 friends” post because I’m a size 12 (on a good day) but my weight tends to fluctuate from 10’s up to 14’s.

    I think you look bangtastic, in that black dress and in that last picture. Like you said, I’d do you.

  • 1. You look fab!! So proud of you and B!! That dress is super cute on you!!

    2. I don’t weigh myself but sometimes when I lose weight I don’t necessarily drop a size but its like things shift (probably the fat turning to muscle). Like I recently have been trying to lose some weight and I feel better and look better, but I feel like my clothes should be bigger. I don’t think you can equate the pounds to sizes because everyone’s bodys work differently and sometimes there is more of a re-shuffling of your body proportions… I don’t know if that makes sense, but it makes sense in my head!

    Either way, you look great! Keep it up, friend! 5 weeks is plenty of time to get wedding ready for that dress!

  • YOU LOOK AMAZEBALLS. Like if I were a man, I’d seriously … YOU KNOW ;) have a good wknd lover~

  • YOU LOOK GORGEOUS! 40 pounds is a huge accomplishment! Congrats girl!!

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