October 25th, 2012

TWI – Flashback

DeLorean time!

Week: -.8

Total: -43

So I’m back to exactly where I was two weeks ago. Thus, the DeLorean.

I love when I am able to regain ground I lost to a weight gain, but man does it feel annoying. I’m living two weeks in the past. If I hadn’t screwed up, I could have been where I’ll be next week, last week. If you follow that. So yeah… it’s annoying, and I kick myself a bit.

Being sick screwed me up a bit this week (and I had Mexican last night and went over on calories a bit, so I was a little surprised I lost, since I usually get sodium-bloated after eating out something like MEXICAN 12 hours before weigh-in.)

The last time I ran was Sunday. I was starting to feel really icky but thought, hey, a run will help! Endorphins! Outdoors! Nope. I was totally wrong and ended up feeling probably worse. But the worst part? Due to my halfway coherent state, I accidentally did the wrong week. I had been re-doing week 3 (barely surviving) and instead of doing my sixth day of week 3, I did week 4. I realized after my first “run” section went longer than usual… I looked down and saw “Week 4 Day 1” and almost immediately puked. For a moment I felt like… This was meant to be! I can do this! I have to do this!¬†About two minutes later though I was wondering where I could find a wheelchair. I DID do it, but I didn’t feel like I conquered it. I barely survived it.

My first two weeks, I loved running. I mean, I didn’t LOVE the running part, but I looked forward to it, and it made me feel strong, and capable, and like I had accomplished something. I felt better after my run. I felt hopeful that I would improve. I felt proud.

Starting with week 3, I felt very differently about it. I felt out of shape, discouraged, embarrassed, and doubtful. Doubtful that I even could improve. I hated how it flipped like that. I missed my 60 and 90 second runs. Three minute runs killed me. The five minute runs devastated me. I hated feeling so not able to do the program.

My friend Lisa from Buffet Laps luckily stepped up and made me feel better and hopeful about my relationship with running. I didn’t realize it until we talked, but she doesn’t run straight through without stopping… she uses Jeff Galloway‘s method based on her pace using intervals like 60:60 or 30:30. So like 60 seconds running, then 60 seconds walking. This is basically what I did during the first two C25K weeks. And I enjoyed that!

Lisa and I are going to go for a run together on Saturday (yay Florida friends!) and if I enjoy the Galloway method I’ll buy the app (I think it’s like $3 or $4) and start doing that. As someone who is mostly sedentary, I know any moving will help me out. I may not run a 5k without stopping, like I had hoped I would. Or maybe I will, but it will take longer to get there than I thought. I just don’t think running – in that non-stop form – is for everyone. That thought plagued me while running week 3 and 4…¬†Maybe I’m just not cut out for this. Hopefully this will be a different option for me to be active and healthy without feeling like a failure.

And because I hate writing posts that don’t have pictures… here’s this gem from Mexican last night. Just in case you thought I was lookin’ good lately.

B was taking pictures of me after dinner to annoy me. Like trying to catch sneaky pictures of me. And I knew he was doing it. I called him out and he said “No, I’m on facebook!” and did a half-assed, obviously fake attempt at scrolling that any lab monkey could do. So I imitated him, and he caught this adorable photo. Because he wasn’t on facebook.

Don’t let my ego get too big, people.

PS… I may be down 43 lbs but B is now down 68.2 lbs! So I guess he earned the right to take horrible photos of me at least once in reward for that amazing weight loss.

8 comments to TWI – Flashback

  • Jenn

    Running is a mental thing too…you need a good playlist, distraction, or something to think about when your out. I love running and soon you will look back in the DeLorean again and see wow that 5K was nothing! Takes time but you will get there. Good luck!

  • You guys rock so much. I’m so proud of your success!

  • I think trying a new method sounds like a good idea, you know not everyone workout will fit everyone so maybe C25K is just not your thing and there is not reason to get stuck on it!

  • april

    Congratulations on your loss!!!!

  • Running is a funny thing….and you will get there, you just have to keep at it. You’re in the hardest part of it right now! I’m not super familiar with Cto5k, but can you go back and repeat certain weeks until you feel comfortable progressing? So basically progress when you feel ready, not when the app tells you to? Just a thought. Hang in there my friend….running will pay dividends, it’s just a process!

  • I HATE RUNNING and I have high hopes to turn myself into a running lover by the time this babe’s out and I’m back to working out!! So proud of you lovah!

  • Running is really hard- its hard to get into it but once you get past that point where it is torture, you can totally get into it. I’ve been running for years (off and on and off and on…) so if you want to chat about it, I would love to offer you my take on things. I was 110% a NON runner before I started, and so I totally know how you are feeling. There are is so much that goes into running, besides just the running. Don’t get discouraged. You are doing wonderful! Let me know if you want to chat friend! xo!!

  • I had the exact same reaction when I saw week 4! I couldn’t believe I was going from running short time intervals to huge ones. And I admit it has steered me away from running a bit. I did do one or two days of it and did ok. I’m gonna try to get back at it this week. Hope you do well this week with your new training!

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