March 15th, 2012

TWI – Dirty Thirty

A great update today, friends!

Week: -2.2

Total: -30.4

Yep, I hit 30 pounds! The day before Big Daddy’s 30th birthday! I actually ended up having a surprise party for him today… but that’s another post.

I’m at that point where NOTHING fits when it comes to pants. I had a cute pair of capri jeans (well, cuffed jeans) that I had been saving for warmer weather. I tried them on this week and they were practically falling off! Sadly, the pictures weren’t great (sorry but B isn’t a photographer) and you can’t really tell HOW very big they are on me. But here ya go:

In fact, Dixie tried to hop in my oversized pants with me!

Honestly, short and sweet: the secret was tracking. It made a huge difference!

I am approaching week 9 of the 12-week 10 Pound Challenge, and have lost 6.2 since it started. I hope I can keep this up and DOMINATE those last 3.8 pounds!

Also- I posted on Facebook that I had lost 30 pounds this afternoon, and currently have more than 80 likes. MORE THAN 80. I don’t usually do a lot on Facebook (as compared to Twitter) so the likes and comments meant a lot. Crazy!

Thanks for all the congrats for reaching 30 lbs and let’s hope I can kick it in gear for the next 30 lbs!

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