February 16th, 2012

TWI – A Gift

It was a good week, but I’m not sure I earned it.

Week: -2.6

Total: -27.6

Since Charlie was born, B and I have been going non-stop! The Super Bowl was crazy for him, and I have been swamped with work since we went live on a new order entry system that same week. My spare time is spent with Charlie or working from home. So I have barely even grocery shopped, let alone tracked everything!

At my WW meeting a few months ago we talked about when you get a “gift” at the scale. It’s a loss when you’re not expecting it, or maybe don’t even deserve it. It feels sort of like….. this.

(from here)

I did try to make good choices, but when you don’t track, you’re not working the plan. Because work is insane right now they keep buying us lunch. And not healthy lunches. Pizza, wraps, wings. When I am not tracking, I have been really listening to my hunger. And I have been going NON STOP lately. So I got a great gift, but it could have gone either way, really.

This is just motivation for me to keep going. If I have the correct start weight in my head, I believe this means I’m down 3.4 pounds in my 10 pound challenge that Newlyweds on a Budget is hosting. I can’t wait to see how everyone in the challenge does!

What has been helping me this week, and what I look forward to? More time. And more veggies. I ate my weight in Brussels sprouts tonight (13 oz of raw sprouts guys… that was supposed to be dinner AND lunch) for bareeeely any points. It’s awesome. Zucchini is on the list too. I figure if I need quantity, might as well be green!

Oh and this is the lowest weight I’ve been thus far in this journey! BIG LOSER!!!

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