March 20th, 2013

Three Wonderful Years

Three years ago today, Big Daddy and I said “I do” in Indiana.

I cannot believe how much has changed in three years. Our careers have changed vastly. And even our home- I never would have though we’d be in Florida!

We’ve also, through all the crazy things life has thrown at us these past three years, learned more about each other and grown closer. I am so lucky to be where I am today, with B.

As if they knew, the book Wedding Dogs arrived on my doorstep yesterday. Why? Because my pugs are in it! Yes, another book. They have been in two books and even had their photo on Good Morning America. Their egos are ridiculous.

As you can see, the book is called Wedding Dogs, and it’s the most gorgeous, adorable, hysterical compilation of wedding photography where dogs were involved. The author found a photo of our pugs through our wedding photographer, Erin Hession, and contacted us to include it in the book. Of course we said “sure!” And they sent us a copy as a thank you. Best anniversary present ever!

So, congrats to my puggies on their 15 minutes of fame. And congrats to B for surviving three years married to me!

Remember to pick up Wedding Dogs if you need a sweet wedding shower gift for a friend who loves dogs. You can find it on Amazon!

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