November 1st, 2012

Third Annual Kitty & Canine Holiday Blogger Gift Exchange!!!

Before I post… some FYI’s! First- I am attempting NaBloPoMo, aka sorry in advance for (hopefully) posting daily! What a challenge! And second- I will be doing Thirty Days of Thanks and starting each post with something that I’m thankful for in November. Today: I am thankful for amazing blog friends! (And, apparently, for exclamation points, since I used far too many of them in my FYI.) Third- Weigh in Thursday will hopefully be posted tomorrow, since I ate a bunch of food before weighing in and just said screw it, I’ll do it tomorrow.

It’s that time of year again, people! Hannah and I have hosted the Kitty & Canine Holiday Blogger Gift Exchange twice now, in 2010 and 2011. You can see my pugs opening their goodies here and here! They really lucked out.

As always, and now more than ever, I have to encourage you all to NOT enter unless you are serious about sending the gift(s). Please take this seriously! Nothing is worse than doing a blogger giveaway and getting left in the cold. Ok, end rant.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE SIGN-UP FORM! Fill out once per pet!

Don’t forget to blog and tweet about the giveaway! If you have any questions let us know. The rules are on the sign-up form, but I’ll repost them here:

  1. You have to have a living, breathing pet. Sorry but your pet rock is awkward.
  2. Each pet has to be signed up individually, so if you have 3 pets – fill the form out 3 times! (It’s that easy.)
  3. Deadline to sign up is Sunday, November 25th.
  4. Deadline to send your gift to a cute little pet is Wednesday, December 5th.
  5. Please keep the gift under $10 – it doesn’t cost a lot to send some love!
  6. If you sign up you are promising to participate. No one likes a holiday Grinch!

Feel free to steal the logo and post it on your page- just be sure to link back to one of our blogs. Can’t wait to see who signs up!!!

*Logo created by me using images from here and here. Please use it on your blog! Also Hannah did all the smart girl sign up stuff so give her credit for that.

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