August 29th, 2011

The Puggies Adjust

So… we are in the new place. I have tons of moving recaps to share, but thought I’d fill you all in on the changes for the pugs.

I brought them over on Friday evening, and we hadn’t bought a crate yet for them. B’s mom’s partner came down to help for the weekend, and we spent some time talking about what was best for them. It was decided that they could stay in the sunroom- no crate necessary!!!!! This room is right near our bedroom, and where we will be keeping our living room TV. Essentially, this is “our” living room. The floor is tile, and it’s closed off, so they can stay in there without being in anyone’s way while we’re at work.

The first time we tried leaving them in there was disaster. They freaked out. I freaked out. Mostly, it was Sophie. She was panting, seemed very anxious, and wouldn’t drink water. And SCRATCHING on the door – which has glass panes in it that they could see out of.

We put a few things into action. First, I used command strips (the easy-release adhesive strips) to put cardboard up on the bottom of the door to prevent damage. We plan to replace this with custom-cut plexiglass. Then, I bought curtain rods and used command hooks to attach our old spare bedroom curtains to the outside of the door. Now they can’t see out the door, and can’t hurt it by scratching.

I went to work at the cupcake place on Saturday, and expected B to send me a horrible text about how they were doing. Turns out, they did great! And continue to do better.

Saturday night we hung out with our new roomie, B’s brother A, and he got his puggie initiation.

Dixie and Harley couldn’t have cared less about where they were sleeping… they were just glad to chill out. Sophie on the other hand…

Sophie was still a little skeptical. But again… getting better and better!

This morning Big Daddy texted me “Pugs aren’t crying a bit about the sunroom, just jumped on the couch and wagged tails.” And tonight, he texted this when he got home: “Guess what. Pugs were passed out and unaware I was home! Curtains are perfect.”

Here’s the new setup:

The doors from the outside above, and inside:

(You can see the scratch marks on the cardboard if you look closely.)

We got a slipcover to protect the sunroom couch from the puggies. Check out the great view they have! (That’s about a half story drop out the door… they haven’t gotten around to adding a deck yet.)

Oh and in case any of you aren’t familiar with how we roll in the midwest… check out the view from our windows here…

Corn. Far as the eye can see. Hoosier Life, fo realz.

12 comments to The Puggies Adjust

  • That’s what our backyard view looks like: corn. Well, this year it’s soybeans. Glad you guys are settling in nicely! If I worked at a cupcake place (especially Gigi’s), I would gain like 10lbs per week eating them. MMM! ;)

  • I wish you could send Sophie down here for a vacation. Her cute little pug face makes me melt!

  • Judy Kelley (puglette0

    you are so brave! what a huge decision you two made. your puggy room looks great, they adjust easier than you think. as long as the love remains, they will be fine.

    best wishes for your future endeavours!!

  • I’d like some corn.

    On another note, glad that the puggies are adjusting!

  • Awww. I’m glad the puggies are adjusting. I think any first few weeks at a new place is stressful for ANY pets – I know my cats were total spazzes last time we moved… one of them even ended up needing surgery because he wouldn’t eat… bah – but long story short – your doggies look like they’re doing great, and mad skillz on the cardboard and curtains! Smart!

    And believe it or not, the corn picture made my heart ache a little bit for my family in Chicago. When I was a little girl I grew up next to a corn field and the smell was awesome (when it wasn’t manure time). Always so fresh and… corny.

  • I’m so so so happy to hear the pups are adjusting well! Yay!! Makes me wonder if I need to cover up Sonny’s cage somewhere to make it more confined. Hmm…

    Yay for a good move :)

  • So glad the pugs are adjusting well! Hope you guys are too.

    And was an awesome view of the corn field!

  • Dancy

    Glad they’re adjusting. You guys are so smart with your fixes. And I dunno what you’re talking about with the “view” – you wanna trade? We live across the street from a Verizon truck depot. LOL ;)

  • Your new place is gorgeous..even if its B’s moms. A home is a home!! I’m glad the pugs are adjusting well to their new surroundings :)

  • Yay! I’m glad they get their own room and are adjusting well. :)

  • Yay! I’m glad they get their own room and are adjusting well. :)

  • Awh, puggy room! And honestly, I think the corn field view is kinda pretty! I’m from Kansas though and I think fields of wheat are beautiful blowing in the breeze. Sunflowers are the best though. And dude, if that’s corn for people (and not feed) I’d be walking out a bit into the field and picking corn every night. ;)

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