March 13th, 2013

The New Pope…

I’m not sure who this Pope Francis I is that you’re all talking about. I heard they selected Pope Dixie Bugg I.

She eats her own poop, but promises to be a firm leader. A dramatic choice, as she is not only the first female Pope, but the first canine Pope as well!

Big thanks to my Twinner for the illustration. Ever since B said “Pope Dixie Bugg!” I had this in my head, and she hooked me up!

In all seriousness… I love Pope time, it’s so exciting to see (mostly) all Catholics excited about the life that new leadership can breathe into the church. In that sense, Pope Dixie Bugg I would not have much to offer the Catholic church. They should probably stick with┬áCardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio. I can almost guarantee he has no interest in eating poop. And other more important qualifications, too.

Happy Hump Day, everyone!

2 comments to The New Pope…

  • I agree the Pope happenings are so exciting. I almost got tears today when they announced it. My faith lately has been dwindling, so I need to get back.

    Also, love the pope pug, hilarious.

  • Umm I think Pope Dixie Bug I is pretty much the best thing I have ever seen. I really wanted Buddy to win the presidency and Scout be VP. Pug Pope, Blue Heeler president… I see no problem with these things…

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