December 18th, 2012

The 15th was BUSY.

Oh hello, Tuesday.I think I’m still recovering from December 15th.

On Saturday, I did my second 5k! Well, actually it was a 3 mile “fun run,” NOT a 5k. The difference? 1/10 of a mile.

This event was the Reindeer Run, at SeaWorld! With the Christmas theme, they had a costume contest, so many runners dressed up!

Another early morning… that’s the only part I don’t like!

I made my tutu using this tutorial. Thanks Christie! I found her tutorial really easy to follow and the measurements were spot on. I used almost all of 12 yards of tulle (mind you, I have wide hips!) and cut the strips 6 inches by 30 inches. I did the stripes by doing 2 green, 2 red, etc.

I ran with Lisa and her running group again! It’s so fun to have a group to be with before the race starts. It was also fun to check out everyone’s costumes.

The shoe jingle bells that almost caused me to trip and die… twice:

(My loops from one shoe would loop around the bell on the other. It got ugly.)

Lisa from Buffet Laps ran with me again. I ran slightly worse than last race, finishing in 41:50 and with a 13:59 min/mile pace. It was an un-timed race, so no “official” time to compare.

The “fun run” part of it meant, basically, that it was full of a bunch of kids, and not a lot of race etiquette. There were many times we were running where we got stuck behind walkers, or got cut off by kids darting about. Typically, you have more space to run (some areas of SeaWorld were limiting or bottle-necked), there are less kids, and running stick left while walkers stick right. That didn’t happen. We even saw a girl try to pass on the right (by jumping on and over a planter) and completely wipe out. Very unsafe! I know I could have had a better time if there was more room to run safely, which is a little frustrating for my second race!

My sister Rosh and I are planning on doing a run/walk 5k together though February 2, so I’ll be able to redeem myself! Lisa is being crazy and doing a bunch of 10k’s now and even some halfs, so I will have to keep working on my 5k’s so I can catch up!

After the race with Lisa:

They had treats, coffee, and cocoa set up after the race… along with some SeaWorld critters!


Sea Lions driving carts!

A balled-up armadillo! (He smelled horrible.)

It was awesome to see a bit of SeaWorld, some animals, and lots of people in a festive spirit. I’m so glad I was able to do this fun run. After the run, I had to run right home (har har) because… I was hosting a party!

I offered to post my sorority alumnae chapter’s Christmas party, since we have the space now! Unfortunately though, Big Daddy having a Saturday night off is a maybe twice a year thing, so he wasn’t able to attend. But it was nice to spruce up the house a bit for the party.

I got a new rug for the occasion, thanks Ikea!

The tree was on display, of course…

I made buffalo chicken dip, pepper jelly cream cheese dip, mac & cheese, and pigs in a blanket. Guests brought salad, Hershey pie, marble cake, and delicious pumpkin bread. There was such a yummy array of food.

And also… drinks!

Notice… all technically “craft” breweries! Still sticking with it, no Anheuser Busch or Budweiser purchased here. I have to give it up to Sam Adams… their holiday pack was PHENOMENAL! My favorite?


It was a very small party but we had a blast. And I fell asleep quite early… or a nap really, until B got home after midnight.

It was a crazy day! I’m not sure I want to run a 5k and then host a party in the same day ever again. But it ended up being all fun, so it was worth it.

So… who wants to come to Florida and run/walk a 5k with me in January?!

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