November 22nd, 2012

Thanksgiving… means CHRISTMAS!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

B left for work today at 12:30. And will be working every day until he’s off Monday. The happiest place on earth doesn’t close for any holiday. And there are police officers, firemen, doctors, and soldiers working too. So… STFU, Walmart employees. (Just my five cents.)

I managed to have a delightful lazy holiday with my puggaloos. We I put up the Christmas tree (pugs were NO help.) I basically see Thanksgiving as the beginning of Christmas so this was necessary.

The pugs just watched.

Then I had my turkey dinner…

Turkey lil smokies, wrapped in crescents. AKA my favorite item to wrap around things. It was delicious!

Then I decided to get the pugs in the Christmas spirit for the photoshoot on Saturday with RED and GREEN nails!


The pugs were… not pleased. I painted one paw at a time and held them until they dried. Just the girl pugs… Harley declined his mani. Lucky him… the girls are giving me murderous looks.


To anyone wishing to attempt this: I wish you the best of luck. I would suggest wearing your dogs out first if they don’t like to have their paws touched!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with their friends and family. Last Thanksgiving I was in kind of a bad place – even with being alone, this year’s was relaxed and wonderful. What a difference a year makes!

PS… Thirty Days of Thanks #22: I am thankful for my awesome in-laws, especially my cutie nephew Charlie! (Who is sick today… sending him get well wishes.) Big thanks to my sister in law for sending me the cutest pic of sick-but-still-happy Charlie in his Thanksgiving outfit!

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