June 25th, 2013

Tell me what to wear...

As I said yesterday… I’m just going to ask you guys what to wear!

I’m getting maternity pictures taken by Jessica a week from Friday! We’re going to be so close to each other geographically that we’re meeting halfway for some pictures and of course, to hang out!!!!!

Thus, my dilemma.

I have NO idea what to wear!!!! I will be wearing my “It’s a ___!” shirt with a denim skirt for some pictures. I was thinking of either a longer shirt with leggings, or a dress. The dress I’m thinking of (there’s only one… sorry!) is:

The other top contender is this top and leggings look. FYI, I love stripes.

I like the idea of having sleeves (I don’t necessarily mind my arms but I also don’t really want a ton of photos of them) and my other sleeved top is:

I love the above top, but not sure these stripes specifically would be the most flattering to have on film forever.

A few sleeveless options… with an FYI that if either of the stores in my area had this top available in a large, I’d be wearing it. I just LOVE IT! But the XL was too big.

Darn you, cute elusive top and the short turnaround where I don’t necessarily feel ok ordering online. Oh well!

Other sleeveless:

Love the above reddish top but it’s VERY casual in person.

Whoops, blurry pic… love this top too but again the stripe might be weird in pictures, and it’s very casual.

Is this blue shirt long enough to wear with leggings? Are ANY of these? I am probably breaking the leggings as pants rules often.

So vote for one of the above options!!!

Additionally, I need to pick jewelry for my New Jersey shower dress. My favorite is probably the rainbow seed bead necklace:

I also really like this pink/orange/gold necklace:

I thought I would choose this aqua one, but for some reason it just didn’t look right? Am I crazy?

Share your thoughts and opinions, since I’m incapable of making a choice on my own!

40 comments to Tell me what to wear…

  • I like the red striped dress or the green striped shirt with leggings. What’s with showing us the coral dress but not thinking of wearing that for the pictures?? :)

    • kjpugs

      It’s actually bright orange! And since I’m wearing it to the shower I figure I will have way too many pics in it already :)

  • My votes for an outfit are the skinny teal stripe top and leggings (definite favorite) or the blue top with leggings!

    As for the necklaces I like both of the longer options! I really like the aqua necklace, but I think the longer ones look better with that neckline and your haircut.

  • Jackie

    My vote is for the orange stripe dress for your pictures. It’s so cute! Also side thought. If you are going to be in stripes makes sure B is in a solid top that compliments what you are wearing.

    Oh and I love that aqua necklace with your shower dress!

    Can’t wait to hear if you are having a little mister or misses!

    • kjpugs

      Gah I forgot to mention- it’s just me flying solo! B could only get off work for his brothers wedding the following weekend (and our Indy shower there) so he’s not coming to NJ. He hates pictures so he is definitely NOT sad about it! I wish he could be in them but I couldn’t turn down this opportunity!!!!

  • Sarah Faith

    My vote is the green stripe shirt with the leggings – super flattering! Aqua necklace for the shower!

    Looking good mama!

  • My favorites are the first and last looks! Both very flattering and a little more dressy than the others. You look fabulous!!

  • Sunny

    I like the blue shirt and leggings for pictures! I like either of the longer necklaces as well.

    My line is blurring as to what’s acceptable with leggings. I’m wearing a pre-preg dress today with leggings that I don’t think would have met my own comfort zone prior to being pregnant and just NEEDING to be comfy.

  • Katie

    Kelly i LOVE the green and white striped shirt with leggings!!!!

  • My vote is for the orange striped dress and the blue top with leggings. Both look really great on you. I actually really like the aqua necklace with the super cute orange dress (that you should totally wear for pictures regardless of how many get taken at your shower!).

    P.s. – I can’t wait for you to tell us what you are having!

  • Debbie

    I love the first dress on you! (Orange stripes). I also like the darker blue tank top with leggings, I think it is long enough!

    I love the first necklace with your shower dress!

    Can’t wait to see the pictures!

  • I think they’re all great options! I like the blue top the best… but then again, I have an addiction to all things blue. ;)

    THis is my second favorite http://kjpugs.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/IMG_9190-620×620.jpg

  • Maria

    I think the blue is the most flattering, followed by the dip dyed shirt.

  • Steph

    I LOVE the blue sleeveless top with leggings! Especially if little babe is a boy! I’m not a dress person on pics personally so my second fave is the green/aqua stripe top with leggings followed by the stripe dress. I’m not a jewelry person, but I like one of the longer ones best. Oh and I’m obsessed with the orange eyelet dress! Can’t wait to see to hand that sweet bump in Indy!!! :)

  • amy

    I like the last shirt, the blue one. I don’t think it’s too short. I always wearing pants as leggings though… maybe someone should send me to What Not to Wear… I don’t care though ahha.

    I think as long as it goes half past your bum you’re probably good!

    I also for second choice I like the mint green striped one. Maybe Jessica can take 3 outfit photos?

    As for the jewelry I love the first one and the last one… I’d likely chose the first if I had to.

  • Erin

    Stupid phone! I vote for the orange striped dress. BUT I would also see if maybe Jessica can get the ON shirt and bring it with her. On the necklaces I vote for either 1 or 3. 2 doesn’t seem to stand out much to me.

  • My vote is for the dress. I’m a big dress fan and since it’s orange it’d be gender neutral for your pictures if that’s something you’re going for. Plus since it’s summer it seems to fit the weather better.

  • I vote for the dark blue sleeveless top and leggings. For the necklace I like #2 pink/orange/gold I think the colors go well with that dress.

  • Emily

    I like the blue top with the leggings–very nice :) I love all the options but I kind of think a more form fitting top to really showcase the bump would be great, too. I am all about the bump since I have baby fever and we aren’t getting married til next November! haha And the second necklace. PS. as long as the leggings aren’t see-through then I say wear ’em as pants!!! And my favorite pictures are the ones where you’re being photobombed by pugs!

  • Danielle

    LOVE your shower dress. Where is it from? I like it with the aqua necklace.

    My vote goes to the blue shirt with the leggings, but I am with Emily – do you hav something more form fitted that you like? It’s so hard for me to find “bump flaunting” tops that look cute, but I think for maternity pics, you gotta show it off. You don’t want to have to do the “crotch grab” as I call it (and I totally do it too!) in all your pics!

    • kjpugs

      Thanks! The dress is from Old Navy. I think ALL the tops/dresses are. Whoops! My “It’s a ____” shirt is more fitted but I’m generally a bit lumpy (IMHO) for anything too fitted and don’t feel very comfortable in it, so I’m trying to stay in my comfort zone!!! And I LOL I know and HATE that dang crotch grab! I will forbid Jess from allowing too many pics with it :)

  • Defitely the blue top for pics, it seems to work better with your coloring. I vote for the rainbow seed necklace for your shower, it breaks up the neckline a bit more.

  • Ashley

    I like the blue top with leggings. Totally acceptable! Can you do an outfit change?

    Also, my favorite necklace is the rainbow seed bead necklace.

    Just precious!

  • I love the first striped dress and the blue top with leggings. I’m not even a leggings fan generally, but your legs look so skinny in them, I say rock them! Can’t wait to see the beautiful pics Jessica takes!

  • Kelly J

    Red striped dress and blue top w/leggings are my vote! I do like the sleeveless red shirt. Doesn’t look too casual in the pic, but it’s always nice to have a few casual pics, too.

  • Green striped shirt with leggings FTW! Super adorable and a grass background will pop with the green in the stripes!

  • Nicole

    I vote for the blue dress & leggings for pics and the rainbow bead necklace for shower (love that dress). :)

  • i like the leggings + the striped minty green top or the orange top!

  • Terri

    I like the blue shirt with leggings. I like the first necklace as well.

  • I love that pintuck shirt from ON! I ordered it, but it didn’t have room to grow, so I decided to return it.

  • Nina

    I LOVE the blue top with leggings—yes it’s a little short with the leggings, but you totally pull it off and no one will care! It’s about you being confortable, so as long as the leggings aren’t see-through I say go for it! As for the jewelry, I like the first beaded necklace the best (rainbow seed). I also liked the teal necklace, but it didn’t look as good (in my opinion) as the beaded one. I also liked the red and white striped dress, but not as much as the blue (you look amazing in that cobalt color)! Love you!

  • OK here is my thoughts: I love the striped dress, the blue top and leggings and I love the orange dress (which you could totally wear for your pictures too!!) I believe in multiple outfits. Also, I love the orange dress with the aqua necklace (umm is that bauble bar? cause it looks like it…) You will look adorable no matter what you wear!! But those are my votes!

  • So many cute options, I say! I like the blue sleeveless top a lot on you! Also loving the striped dress. Hard to pick! And the rainbow seed bead necklace is totally a winner…

  • Rainbow seed bead necklace

    Blue looks good on you.

    I’m a big fan of the dress with the necklaces.

  • Cindy

    You look cute in everything but I like the green striped top with the leggings!!

  • Jennielee

    I vote dress and seed bead necklace. I am totally stealing your maternity style when I’m pregnant next. Love the long tops and leggings combo.

  • Ellen

    You look so cute!! I love the striped dress or blue with leggings! I love either if the long necklaces with your shower dress! So fun, enjoy it all!! Xoxo

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