August 31st, 2010


What is substance anyway? I don’t know, but apparently, my blog? It has it.

At least if you ask Brandi, the Twenty-something Florida Wife!

I adore Brandi!!! She totally came out as a blog lurker of mine, and I am BEYOND glad she did. She had an out-of-this world wedding, and she and her hubby look so in love! I am really enjoying her recaps. I also love how involved she is with animal rescue and how much I learn about animals and all things Florida when I read her blog. Add her to your reader, STAT!

Thanks for listing me as one of your 10 when you got this award!

Now I’m supposed to sum up my blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience in 5 words…

  1. Sarcasm
  2. Judging
  3. Creepy/Creepiness
  4. Awkward/Awkwardness
  5. Random/Randomness.

Can you guess which ones represent which things?

And now I share my 10 favorite blogs with substance. In no particular order, here are some of my favorite blogging ladies:

  1. Jennell at OMG in Indy (she’s NEW, she’s in INDY!!!, and you’ll love her)
  2. Layla from Wish Fulfillment Everyday
  3. LauraLou from Lucky in Love
  4. Em from Burning River Bride and now A Leap Begins
  5. Jesstagirl (and her Officer)
  6. Bestie Laura at Happy Hour with a Housewife
  7. Smitty!!! from Just Another Smith
  8. Nikki at The Fashionable Wife
  9. Lindsey at The Amateur Wife
  10. Steph at Life of a Husband and Wife

You are all blogs that I get excited to see in my reader, whether I just started reading them or have been since you started!

Also… here’s a Bugg pic… you know… just cause!

Someone is so tired that the couch is eating her!

Can’t wait to see the blogs everyone I listed will select for their 10!

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