November 20th, 2012

Someday this will be funny, right?

Thursday afternoon of last week (a not so great week) I had a business meeting in town. Our property manager came by during the day too, and things were actually sounding good. I was in a decent mood… things were looking up! Then I got dressed for the meeting and head to my car. We have a two car garage but due to storage, we only have one car in there. I moved B’s car to the side of the driveway, instead of parked smack in the middle. Before I got back in my car, a pest control person stopped me to ask some questions. After a few minutes, I got in my car, set my Garmin, popped some gum, and backed out.

Right into B’s car.

Side mirror- gone. Door- dented. Window- not functioning.

(The P.O.S. Jeep was fine though. Just a cracked tail light. Awesome.) I’m used to backing out around him, but just forgot his car was there.

I should note that the pest control guy ran up to me and said “I can help guide you out if you want!” Gee thanks buddy. 1) I already plowed my way through and 2) Not my top priority right now (as I’m holding the Camry’s side mirror in my hands.)

Mistakes were made. There’s something better about a situation when something happensĀ to you, when it’s not your fault. You can yell and blame the person, or the thing, or whatever caused the issue. But all I can yell and scream is “darn you pest control man for distracting me!” and “darn you KJ for parking B’s car in the perfect spot where you couldn’t see it, but could HIT it!” It’s not cathartic to expel anger when really it’s just your own big, fat, careless mistake… not much helps.

Sadly it is a bit worse than it looks. And sadly, it was a HEFTY price tag to fix. The car needed a tune-up anyway, which resulted in nearly a grand.

And even after having it fixed up on Friday, we were mirror-less until today. (It had to be ordered.)

I hate cars. Too pricey. Can’t we go back to horses and buggies?

MK (seriously, you are my Confucius this week) texted me about this (and about eating our feelings… hello Stuffing Stuffed Crescents, come on) and said that someday it would make a great blog post called “That day I ran my car into my Husband’s car” …but that it still wouldn’t be as good as Silver Bells. Maybe it will take a good 15 or so years until it’s funny. But hopefully it will be. Because right now it just looks and feels like dollar signs flying away.

And my Thirty Days of Thanks #20 has to be for my wonderful husband. I won’t say he wasn’t angry (duh… he was) but he still managed to tell me that he treasures me the same day I did this to our car. I love me some Big Daddy and am lucky to have him as my husband and partner in life!

7 comments to Someday this will be funny, right?

  • Oh no! Hopefully one day you’ll be able to look back and laugh at this.

  • Cars really do just suck, what is even suckier is when you do things like hit a rock pile in someones front yard or back into your dad no one ever lets you forget it and some people, mainly me I guess, will have some serious pent up anger at their family members for bringing this shit up over and over.

  • oh noooooo. :( i hate cars too. maintenance, accidents, and money money money. not fun.

    sounds like you’ve got yourself a pretty great husband there though! i like to believe mine would react nicely if i hit his car… (also, i drive a jeep too! but i love love love mine – it’s old, but i bought it myself when i graduated high school, so i’m slightly attached to it.).

  • Kelly

    I hope it helps when I tell you I did the same thing! My daughter had gotten a new chihuahua puppy. I was looking at the puppy backing out the driveway and backed right into my husband’s jeep. Duh. No One to blame other than myself. My car no damage at all, his, well we were lucky his only needed a new tail light.

    That was 5 years ago I still feel like a dumb ass but we do laugh about it now.

  • Oh no!! Ugh, that sucks. I’m sorry!
    Big Daddy is a much better man than my husband, mine would be LIVID for days.

  • Layla

    Awww yeah, it really will be funny one day. My little brother came to visit me one time in our adult lives. I had an early morning class (on a saturday) and we stayed up way too late the night before. So I jump in my car at 7am on saturday morning, hit the garage door opener, and back out….right OVER my brothers car. He drove some tiny little Nissan 300 something or other, I drove an Xterra, and he was parked right behind my car, on a downward slope of a hill. :/ I totally crushed the front end of his car. Worst part? Had to go wake him up, tell him, and ask him to move his wrecked car so I could get to class. It suuuuuuucked and I cried all the way to school because like you said, only person I could be mad at was myself (ok, and my early morning class).

    But. It’s totally hilarious now. :)

  • Oh no! I’m sorry this happened (damn pest control guy!!), but I do think someday you’ll be able to look back and laugh at it. My grandpa actually did this to my grandma’s car years ago, and the dent is still proudly on the car to this day.

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