March 16th, 2013

Saint Paddy’s, a Birthday, and Reader

A nice little random Saturday post for ya…

Happy night before Saint Patrick’s Day, everyone! B is, of course, working, so I am celebrating with the pugs and some TV/cleaning. Be jealous.

I also gave myself a manicure update for the holiday. My nails were done in Julep Laura for the week- a muddy grayish green. I added a gradient of Julep Colbie, and a Julep Fiona clover!

The clover was freehand and not my finest work, but I love the rest! And oh, Hi Sophie!

My toenails are also a fun color… China Glaze Pool Party!

I am loving NEON for this time of year. Get here, summer! Well, not Florida summer. Get here beach weather that doesn’t give me heat stroke within 20 minutes. Let me skip June through August.

Something that always ties together with Saint Patrick’s Day is Big Daddy’s birthday! It’s today! But again… he’s working. His new days off through the end of summer will be Thursday and Friday (or just Friday when it’s busy, like now) so we went out to dinner to celebrate last night.

I will never have a normal photo with this man, ever!

Happy 31st, B!!! I love you more than ever and am so glad we got to celebrate together with yummy Mexican!

And last but not least…

Google Reader. RIP. (In case you live under a rock and haven’t heard, it’s going bye-bye as of July 1st.)

What are you all going to use? I have heard everyone and their mom all gaga over Bloglovin, and just signed up and imported, and kind of hate it. I have a bunch of unreads (I know, I suck) and they didn’t import correctly. For example, XYZ blog has 20 unread (I know, I SUCK, I told you) but in Bloglovin it says 3. Also, I had my blogs in “folders” in Reader, like Food, Nails, Fashion, etc. I guess Bloglovin doesn’t offer that? And no unread total # provided? Dealbreakers! Someone explain this to me, or suggest something else. But not Feedly or anything else that’s an app that you have to download, and allow access to your browsing. That just gives me the creeps and is not what I’m looking for.

Google needs to give up pushing G+ (it’s like ‘fetch,’ it’s not going to happen) and stay with things like Reader that people actually love.

And that’s about it for this random Saturday! Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!

8 comments to Saint Paddy’s, a Birthday, and Reader

  • I’m so mad about google reader!

    Love the nails though :)

  • i was going to suggest feedly – i switched everything over yesterday morning and i already love it MORE than google reader, which i didn’t think was possible.

    i took a look at bloglovin’ & knew immediately that i wasn’t going to like it. those are the only two i’ve even heard of though, so i’m not helpful at all.

  • Okay, I had all these same questions about blglovin’ and here is what I know so far

    1. Transfer over — they only show the last three posts as unread
    2. Folders, you can categorize your reads — go into your following and you can change your groups
    3. Unread – when you click on the first “unread” post the inframe will pop up and show you how many blogs you have not read. It also shows it in the tab header and looks like this: Bloglovin (2)

    Hope that helps.

  • I am mad at Google over them getting rid of Reader. Dumb move. It is like they did it to get back at us for not liking Google+.

    Keep playing with Bloglovin. I hated it at first too, but now that I know my way round it, I am loving it move that Google Reader. Good luck!

  • Debbie

    I have the same feelings as you about Google Reader. I hear Firefox is developing a reader…I may switch to that when it comes out. Meanwhile, I used to “star” posts in my reader that I wanted to flag as interesting and come back to later. Now I think I need to go through all of them (we’re talking over 500 here) and “pin” them to pinterest so that I don’t lose them. So annoying!

  • Ha, Google + is so the equivalent of fetch! I hate how Google keeps abandoning much loved products and migrating them to Google +. First it was Picnik and now Reader. I know Google’s motto is to not be evil, but these attempts at trying to push us into Google + are really annoying me. I think I’ll try out Bloglovin and hope that I get used to it.

  • LOVE your mani and love your toesies. I almost bought that color yesterday because everyone’s been raving about it forever but I needed other stuff more. Damn budget ;)

    I’m right there with you at sucking at blog reading. Also, not a fan of Bloglovin either! I’m all about Reader and don’t understand why it’s going away. Stupid move, Google! I don’t want Feedly either so let me know if you find something you like!

  • Dancy

    As someone who can’t keep up with blogs the way I used to I LOVE me some Google Reader – I’m SO bummed it’s going away. I’ve also converted everything to Feedly & so far so good. There’s a few things I haven’t figured out yet (like how to skip to the next entry like you can in reader) but I think it’s pretty close compared to the other options. I hope the Firefox thing is correct – that’d be awesome!

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