July 18th, 2013

Pugs on Vacay

While we were visiting the midwest, the pugs were visiting Mickey Mouse! (Well, kind of.) We much prefer having someone we know stay at the house while we travel, but that wasn’t possible with this trip, so the puggies went off to Best Friends Pet Care at Walt Disney World.

There are pros and cons to both. We prefer someone staying at our house because the pugs get less stressed, we know the house is being watched too, and of course- it’s cheaper! Boarding them is more stress on the pugs (and way more expensive!) but it’s nice to know they have a full staff available 24/7 devoted to the animals there.

Another benefit… imagine our delight when B got an “email” from each pug, which said “Thanks for bringing me to Best Friends at Walt Disney World® Resort! I’m having as much fun as you are. See you soon!” and enclosed a photo.

And ohhhhhh, the photos.

Sophie was putting on the “poor me” face, because clearly, how could we ever leave her there? RUDE.

Dixie, on the other hand, was literally having THE BEST DAY EVER.

And then there was Harley. Ohhhh Harley. His photo was taken while he plotted ways to murder us upon our return.

Regardless of these varied photos, they were super happy to see us on Monday. And we loved the report card that Best Friends Pet Care gave us! Some highlights…

“The kids had such fun sniffing and exploring on their walks!”

“Loved meal times, cleaning their plates.”

“No problems here- potty pros!” (Under the “elimination” category, haha)

“Such sweet good kids- love them!”

It was great to have them in good hands and home safely with us. The whole 6am wakeup thing the next day, not so great. (I think they must have taken them out early there! And yes, I know I’ll have much earlier wake ups come October! Just want to enjoy my last three months of “sleeping in!”)

And now, back to my busy schedule of pug snuggling… while we hate leaving them, there’s nothing like coming back and enjoying a good old fashioned pug pile!

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