August 6th, 2012

Polishes, Beer, and a Clean House!

Whew, it’s been a crazy few days!

I missed the Nail Files link up with Vicki and Tara, but if you’re into nail polish you should check it out!

I got a ton of polish in the last week, for very little cashola.

I believe I mentioned before that the amazing Alyssa bought me some bargain-priced polishes out in Cali. I also got my Julep add-on… all on one day, Thursday. I had already painted my nails a hot pink (with a tint of purple in it) with a fun accent nail.

Anise Exotic Choice and Sally Gem Crush Big Money accent nail

I was jazzed about my mail though so I had to take pictures of each of them, of course!

OPI A Roll in the Hague

Essie Chocolate Cakes


OPI Russian Navy (it looks purple in the bottle, but truly applies as a deep navy with this gentle shimmer to it!)

OPI Gargantuan Green Grape


Julep Alfre

I haven’t used any of my new colors yet… still trying to decide from ALL new colors what to use for my trip to NJ. I leave tomorrow evening… suggestions are welcome!

Later on Thursday, I discovered on twitter that it was “IPA day.” So while picking up a few groceries I of course added some beer.

Love the political message and of course, the beer. The Hocus Pocus wheat was probably one of the ONLY wheats I’ve ever liked!

Friday was a tough work day and B was off, so he cleaned the house while I was a busy bee in my office. I came out to a sparkling clean home!

On Sunday, I decided to return the favor, and organized our bathroom (the counter had been previously stacked with boxes.

And you might notice… nail polish!!!

Yep, I removed it from it’s overflowing box and spread it out across the counter.

I love it! I am hoping to get a tiered holder (like the polish rack table display on this site) to store them in eventually.

I also added a few new polishes to that collection on Sunday. I found two polishes while unpacking the aforementioned boxes.

Color Club Rebel Debutante (not on their website that I could find, but can be found on Amazon.) My best friend got it for me  as a wedding gift back in 2010.

And I found another Revlon Vixen (I had five at one point… gave away/threw out the others based on their condition.) Anyone want this one?

I also bought two, but got them for only a percentage of retail. I used a bunch of coupons from CVS for $$ off, plus a 25% off coupon- all from ExtraCare. It was about $34 for two nail polishes and foundation/powder. After coupons, I used a $7 AmEx gift card I had, making the total just over $7. Both of the nail polishes I got are $8 or more!

Essie luxeffects Pure Pearlfection. I needed a very basic shimmery glitter to go over colors when a mani has a few imperfections and is showing wear.

And of course, a Seche Vite, aka the best top coat in the world.

There’s lots to be done before I depart on my trip to NJ tomorrow night! Now off to decide what color mani is worthy of New Jersey…

8 comments to Polishes, Beer, and a Clean House!

  • Hemborgwife

    I have that OPI Russian Navy and love it! It is one of those polishes you just want to stare at when it is on.

  • kaity

    i love how you organized the polishes by color! sidenote: do you ever have a problem w/essie polish not coming off? i have one in a pale pink that seriously would NOT come off for weeks – not in a good way. in a way that there were just random chips of shiny stuff on my nails that remover had no effect on.

    i might just have a defective (but cute) polish.

    • kjpugs

      I’ve never had an issue with a polish not coming off when I used nail polish remover. The only issues I ever have are with glitters- if the pale pink has some sort of glitter in it, that might be why. Glitters are the WORST to get off, I have to hold a fully saturated cotton pad on there for a few minutes before I even start rubbing it off. I know some metallicy polishes have that effect sometimes too. What color Essie is it? Generally they are great polishes and I haven’t had any issues with them. I’m interested to know what color, have you tried googling to see if others had the same issue?

      • kaity

        I think it is Ballet Slippers? I will have to check when I get home. No glitter. I did put a top coat on, but it was my usual stuff and this was the first time it refused to come off.

        • kjpugs

          I wonder what happened! I know sometimes mine get weird if I leave them a little bit open by accident. I hope it’s just a fluke… aka that’s an excuse to go buy yourself more nail polish :)

  • O M G KJ. You are killin me smalls. These nail polishes are FABOUSH! P.S. You are igniting major beer cravings for this preggo!!! 4 more months.

  • I love all of your nail polishes!! I am so impressed with your expansive collection! I love that Essie Chocolate cakes. I must invest in that for fall. Have a great trip to NJ!

  • Ooh looks like you got some great new polishes :)

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