February 17th, 2012

Pinterest Problems

Pinterest is awesome. It’s become a full blown obsession for me. (Add me!) It’s why I don’t get to read blogs anymore. I have become a pinning machine (with an inferiority complex, thanks Pinterest.) I will look at Pinterest “just for a few minutes” then find myself three websites deep from searching things I found through a pin… four hours later.

You guys might remember a while back that I did a twitter tips blog post. I hope it helped some people. I know it didn’t help a lot of people though, since I see those mistakes daily. Oh well. Pinterest, to me, is just as bad. I don’t see the point in being involved with social media if you constantly mess it up. And I for sure notice a few things on Pinterest that are… frustrating.

Some of them are Pinterest related. Anyone else feel like they get follow alerts or “follow so and so back” requests… when you already do? And then there are those 404 errors you see every once in a while. Pinterest is popular, it crashes sometimes. I get it.

But many people blindly pin. BLINDLY. I think people need to start questioning pins they see before fast-finger re-pinning everything and then some. For example, I’ve seen this one a bajillion times:

Um hi. PRETTTTY sure that’s Photoshopped. I think if you could DYE LEMONS we’d have seen them all over Weddingbee and The Knot like, 12 years ago. Oh look, it’s pinned from google! Let’s go see this GREAT tutorial…

Andddd it’s colored oranges. Just an uploaded photo. I’m telling you- Photoshop! Probably something that some art minor had to do for a digital art class. Get real people.

(Sidenote… I feel like I’m on Myth Busters or something.)

But even worse than an incorrectly represented pin (with tutorial-type text when really the picture is for something different) is when there’s a great tutorial or idea, and no connection to the original source.

I mean, it’s bad enough when someone pins from the main blog/site and not the individual post/page for that item. So for example, a pinned recipe for cookies, and when you click through to the source site, it takes you to the main website and not the specific recipe’s page or post. You have to turn yourself into Sherlock Holmes to search the website for the recipe (or tutorial, or inspiration, etc) you are looking for. LAME.

The moral of this part of the story is that you should click through to the main article before pinning anything. MANDATORY RULE, thanks.

But it gets worse. Uploaded by user is different. It’s way, way worse. There’s no guidance. This could be on your friend’s website or it could be a rouse created by some troll in Fiji. (Yes, due to Pinterest’s humor pins I am learning more and more about the rage/troll/derp meme things.)

Seeing uploaded by user makes me feel, well, rage. You get all excited for a pin. You lovingly think of a new caption for said pin. You hand-pick a board to pin it to. And then you go to learn about your newest tutorial or recipe and YOU CAN’T BECAUSE IT IS JUST A PHOTO, NOT A PIN-LIKE LINK THAT CITES IT’S SOURCE WITH PRIDE.

(yep I made this.)

If you’re lucky, you can find the link still. Sometimes, others will step in and help. And let’s be honest, there’s a certain sense of satisfaction in finding the pin’s source and citing it. Like a nerdy, stalker satisfaction.

(made this too.)

I know I’m not alone in this. Let’s make Pinterest a fun, safe place for everyone. Don’t upload an image as a pin. Check your pins before you pin some rubbish. And link your pins to smartly specific sites, not just vague websites.

And if you see something uploaded by user, cite it. Or don’t re-pin it. Or just tell them off. Whatever works. I support all of the above.

Happy Pinning!

And feel free to pin any of the above as long as it’s not those dang oranges. GAG.

17 comments to Pinterest Problems

  • Yes, yes, yes to ALL this! I try not to repin pins not linked to permalinks – I go to the blog and search for the post and pin it right. I should ALSO track back to the image’s original source (ie. don’t pin from blogs like Apartment Therapy that are reblogging content) – I’m going to start doing that!

  • Oh my god. Thank you.

    Also – could add that people should actually LEARN how to use Pinterest (super easy, see the About/Help section) and realize that people are pinning images from WEBSITES (hopefully, if they’re following your instructions – unless it says uploaded by user, which I agree – LAME)so stop freak asking me if that tattoo hurt? Because it’s not my damn tattoo? Or even try clicking through to SEE if the recipe is linked to a page through the photo before asking me, very aggravatingly, “Where is the recipe?!?!?!?” with waaay too many punctuation marks. Also, if it links back to the original page, there’s no need to put in a 560 word recipe AS the comment itself. Yep, thanks.

    Sorry for the rant-jack.

    • I noticed in the last few days, they added a character limit to the description box, probably because those super long descriptions were freaking annoying.

      • Yesssss. The recipe thing was driving me nuts. I know that some food bloggers were getting enraged over it as well because then it took away the need for people to actually visit their sites to get the recipe…which stinks!

    • kjpugs

      OMG, rant totally welcomed. I have somehow remained lucky enough to not have clueless people commenting like that, but I have heard others complain about it. CLICK THROUGH. If you want to know, JUST FREAKING CLICK. It (should) all be there. I think uploaded by user pins should be banned for the sake of my sanity.

    • Amy

      THIS THIS 1000 TIMES THIS. Totally agree.

  • I love this post. Someone retweeted it. I’ve never even been to your blog before, but I’m so glad I have found it. I agree 100% with your Pintequette (book title for you, maybe?) Post.

    Only oneeee thing I feel obligated to defend myself about and that’s just because I’m defensive in general, but the only time I upload something from my computer is when it’s from a website that forbids pinning…. so, I upload it to my board, but i do write “Toothpick Skinny Jeans in Yellow, From J.Crew” or whatever. Okay, I’m done. Thank you. The end.

    • kjpugs

      Thanks for visiting!! And love the defense :) Don’t worry, it’s obvious you practice safe pinning. It’s about people being able to seek out things they like based upon the pins they find. And I had no idea certain sites forbid pinning!!!!! The horror! This world is cray cray I tell you!

  • Windi

    I get it and totally agree, BUT will probably continue to be an offender of possibly repinning things that break these rules because I pin on my iPhone app while nursing in the middle of the night and go back and look at things later when I have more time and more than 1 finger and am less sleep deprived. Just wanted to defend my bad behavior in advance.

  • YES! I love that more people are on there, but I also hate it, because they clearly don’t know what the heck they’re doing. I can’t stand when people blindly repin. If I want to repin I almost always click the pin and make sure it goes to the original source, if it doesn’t then I try to find the source (you can do a google image search and then investigate further) and pin from there.

    Layla’s comment also drives me bonkers. I get comments on things I’ve pinned all the freaking time. UM, hello—go to the freaking source and comment on the blog if you have a question!

    great post

  • YES. I could not agree more. I love Pinterest, but it seems that the more it grows, the more it gets abused. (Confession: I HATE when non-bloggers ask me if I’m on Pinterest. Seriously? Pinterest was MADE for blogging!) This is a great post, and I love the conversation it’s started.

    PS – Can we do a Mythbusters-esque blog series about those oranges or lemons or whatever the heck they are? I would LOVE to prove that experiment wrong :)

  • Quick version when you see a tutorial you want but no source:

    Click on the pin. Right click on the pic and click copy URL or whatever. Go to images.google.com and click on the camera in the search bar. Paste the URL and search.

    And I have something to add!! If people would please stop pinning those tutorials that require 100 paint chips before Home Depot starts charging $1 a paint chip I’d really appreciate it.

    This post is SPOT ON though, I completely agree!

  • Oh and I’m a member of a photography board that recently found a board on pinterest making fun of other people’s pictures… she was UPLOADING THE PICS herself. This is further proof that “upload by user” should not exist!

  • Haha. I laughed the entire time. Too true, too true!

  • Amy

    THANK YOU FOR THIS POST! I totally agree–I hate blind pinning. Nothing galls me more than realizing I pinned something that doesn’t link back to the original source, so now I double check almost every pin to make sure it goes to the actual page it’s come from. If that means I have to re-pin it myself, fine.

    I also don’t randomly pin things. I really really really try to pin things I will actually use or that I actually want to remember. It amazes me that people don’t realize that that is what Pinterest is actually meant to be–a virtual bulletin board. That’s how I use it!

    Great post. And you should pin your Twitter tips post–I hate seeing people think they’re tweeting everyone when they start with @ somebody instead of putting something in front of the @. SO annoying. :)

  • I agree with nearly everything everyone has said – I found this post because here i am again, sourcing an image that someone pinned claiming you can dye lemons (uhh i doubted it and lo’ and behold, they’re oranges and since I’m a serious Photoshop user, know that it’s more than likely Photochopped) you couldn’t possible dye an orange or lemon RIND to a true hue like this –

    ANYWAY – I totally agree about pins should be SOURCED and RE-Pinning is so much work for me most of the time because (one of my pet peeves) SO MANY people pin from sites like Tumblr that DO NOT CREDIT the SOURCE of images.

    Great photography and artwork. It is my serious contention that if you like the work you should at least credit the artist and LINK to their work. Not Rewrite their titles and ignore whom ever created it.

    SO if I see something I like, I have to save it to my hard drive and go source it on Google and hunt until I find who actually created it. SOMETIMES I also find that they don’t wish to be pinned and I’ve already had Pinterest contact me for a few copyright violations for pins that the owners didn’t want shared. So I need to know this and barely ever REPIN because doing so is too much dang work!

    Anyway nice post and nice Photoshop job on the oranges ツ


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