August 20th, 2013

Our 3D/4D Ultrasound!

Talk about one of the best days ever. I have dreamed about and thought about what our daughter will look like. I couldn’t even begin to imagine. And being able to see it- two months before we should get to officially meet her- was magical. I HIGHLY recommend doing a 3D/4D ultrasound! I think it got B more excited as well. And for less than $75. So, so worth it.

Baby girl measured on track to the day (as always, that’s my girl), and weighed in just under 4 lbs by their estimate. That was probably my biggest surprise- she looks like a little chunkster! B and I were both not chubby babies (we got chubby later on, haha) so that came as a surprise!

We have been trying to figure out who she looks like… what do you think?

“No more pictures, please!” (Her arm in her face)

2013.8.20.BABY GIRL_4

I know you all wanted to see it… the HOBBIT FOOT!


My favorite picture… resting her sweet little chin on her fist!


Thinking baby!


She sort of looks like she’s farting in the below picture! LOL!


Yep, she must have, because look at that smile!


Sweet little chunkster!


She has gorgeous long fingers!


Sweet side profile… her nose looks like mine here but more like B’s in other pictures. I think she looks more like me in profile but more like B from the front.


Sucking on her toes! Probably out of embarrassment!


Baby girl was wedged head down into my right hip. The top of her head where it’s dark is my hip bone. And the left of the photo (you can see some fuzziness in some of them) is my (her?) placenta. She was really wedged right in there, so we are lucky we got a such great pictures.

I loved seeing her face and watching her move around!! We could have watched her for hours. We also both agreed after that the name we like for her really seems to fit. We of course had them double check her gender (still a girl!), her hobbit feet (still there!) and asked if they could tell if she had hair (a few TINY sprouts.)

We got a CD of all the pictures, as well as a DVD with the video of our session. I am so not tech savvy, so I can’t figure out how to post it from the DVD they sent, but I did take an instagram video of it that I can share here!

Baby Girl Waving from Kelly J H on Vimeo.

Love seeing baby girl waving at us!

It was an AMAZING experience that I’d recommend to anyone. I love being able to see her face now whenever I want to. She’s so beautiful and loved already!

If you got one, did your baby look like his or her 3D/4D ultrasound pictures? Who do you think our baby looks like, me or B?

10 comments to Our 3D/4D Ultrasound!

  • Keri Taulman

    Baby girl waving is most adorable! Technology is great!

  • So lucky! We got our video & 3D/4D pics at 20 weeks, they really haven’t in our monthly ultrasounds. They just stick to their measurements. The 3D/4D one we have is so creepy looking! It’s still so thin and doesn’t look like either of us. I would love to see what baby looks like, but we may just have to wait til its here!

  • The 3D/4D ultrasounds are just amazing! She is adorable! I can’t wait to see pictures of those cute little cheeks when she makes her arrival into the world. I will have to show these pictures to my son (5). We were just talking about how babies live in their mommy’s bellies until they are big enough to come into the world.

  • How fun!! I can’t wait to see if she looks more like you or B. We never did the 3d/4d with Mackenzie and probably won’t with this baby.

  • Sweet girl!!! <3 What an awesome experience! We had a 4d done right around this time of pregnancy too but it was at the doctor's office and the tech SUCKED. She rushed through it and didn't try to get V moving into a good position. We saw one quick flash of her face though and it was like seeing me as a baby, totally crazy. lol SO glad y'all got this done. Well worth the money, I'd say!!

  • amy

    she’s so cute!! I can’t imagine how amazing this experience was for you guys!

  • OK this is so weird!! I have never heard of 3D sonogram pictures and this is totally crazy and so cool!! How exciting!

  • LOVE seeing baby girl in action!!

  • JY


  • So jealous you got to do this! They didn’t offer it in Italy. Actually, they did, but i’d have to drive 2 hours and pay like $200, so we opted not to. It’ll be amazing to show her those photos when she’s older. SO cool!

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