April 24th, 2013

Origami Owl!

As I mentioned earlier, I’m hosting an Origami Owl show this week! My gal pal Laura (who never blogs anymore wahhhh) started selling Origami Owl lockets a few months ago and I have been itching to host a show. When I got pregnant, and saw some of the mom options – right in time for Mother’s Day! – I knew it was go time!

For those of you not familiar, Origami Owl are Living Lockets with custom designed charms that tell your story. But a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Laura let me share some of her photos with you guys. Seeing the pictures of them is what got me hooked.

Moms-to-be get to celebrate Mother’s Day too right?

There are ENDLESS options in every budget range for moms. Pick a mini silver locket with a mom charm and her birthstone… or go all out with a large rose gold locket and lots of charms of things she loves! The options are infinite!

You can add so many elements to personalize your locket. Each item is individually priced so you can build within your budget. Plus, you can add on later- the locket is held closed with a strong magnet, so even charms can be added after the fact!

The best place to start (for me at least) is by picking a locket size and then style. There are mini, medium, and large lockets, available in many different finishes. I am DYING over the black and brown finishes!!! Just a few are below:

So you can see the different sizes in action:

And then of course there are tons of chains, charms, and other goodies!

So now the good part… how to order!

SHOP ONLINE HERE: lalaslockets.origamiowl.com

You will shop like normal and at checkout you will select “Kelly H’s Catalog Party” from the drop down menu so I get credit for your order!

For some inspiration and to stay updated on specials, etc. go ‘Like’ Laura’s fb page!

This is an ONLINE party so order at your convenience before next Friday, April 26 (the last day to order to get it in time for Mother’s Day, and the last day of my show!) If you have any questions or want help designing a locket, feel free to contact me or Laura (ilovelalaslockets@gmail.com).

Check out the adorable options and customize your own today! Remember, the show ends Friday, so order today!

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