August 14th, 2012

New Jersey Trip Part One

I am back, people! Well, I was back all day yesterday but I ended up working until nearly 9pm, proving effectively that I cannot leave work for one day, let alone three, without coming back to a shitstorm. Womp. Coming BACK from vacation is always the worst!

New Jersey was the best thing for me. Just what the doctor ordered. I arrived late Tuesday evening- really Wednesday morning when it comes down to it. Not a huge fan of U.S. Airways after my experience, but was glad to make it there in one piece.

Fun story: Wednesday morning my mom attempted to wake me up to ask what kind of bagel I wanted. When I’m stuck in the world between sleep and awake, I’m 1) completely unaware after the fact about what I was saying and 2) HILARIOUS. My mom kept pressing me about what bagel flavors I wanted her to buy, and I guess I said “HOLD ON, this is very important. Because I only get ONE.” And then she said she was going to go so I said, “Ok… orange. Or maybe navy.” Because bagels come in colors. Maybe I had nail polish on the brain.

I got to spend my day Wednesday with friends. I met two of my sorority sisters, Mel and Devon, down in Flemington. Dev and I hit up the J.Crew outlet before meeting Dev for lunch. I couldn’t decide between two dresses so we put our items on hold for after lunch. The place we went to, the Shaker Cafe, was awesome. The people working there were so friendly!

Mel is a blog reader (hi Mel!!!) and we tried to get Dev addicted at our lunch, so hopefully “hi Dev!” too!

It was awesome to talk about our lives now, and also reminisce about college. I love you girls!

Dev and I went back to get our items from the J.Crew outlet, only to find they had lost our hold. One of the employees was exceedingly rude to me- he told me that there had been only one (size S) of the dress there all day. I told him there were three and I had a picture of myself wearing it. He accused me of calling him a liar and got so in my face I had to put up my hands! I talked to the manager and decided to leave. But after I was sad that I probably wouldn’t find that dress again. I called and the manager was very sweet. They had found our holds, and she gave the dress to me for 20% off, shipping it to Florida for no charge. I got it today and can’t wait to wear it!

That night I met some friends for a little food and drink at the Cloverleaf Tavern, a great bar and restaurant in my hometown. Benefit: they have a killer beer selection. I was in IPA heaven. I was also in friend heaven, meeting out three of my besties Nic, Jac, and Jem.

Probably the world’s worst picture but we didn’t have anyone to take it for us!

The next day, I went shopping with my Mommers and we had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. She went to work for a few hours, while I got ready for a trip to NYC. Before I left it started to sprinkle, so I texted her to ask where I could find an umbrella. Answer: “I don’t have one.” So I found a baseball cap and walked to the bus stop. The rain held off for the most part so I managed to arrive at my best friend’s place without incident.

She lives in the world’s most gorgeous apartment alongside Central Park with her boyfriend Pat and pup Mylo.

We all caught up over beer and then Hill and I went to a very late and delicious dinner at Gennaro. On the way home we popped into Whole Foods to get more beer, dessert, and our favorite… Tamari almonds! DELISH! We gave Pat his first Tamari almonds when we got back, and all watched Beer Wars. What can I say, I’m passionate and convincing!

In the morning, Hill and I went to get coffee and a mani/pedi. I got them with Essie Turquoise & Caicos, with plans to jazz them up for the wedding the next day. Then we went to visit Hill’s brother at work, just a few blocks away. At this point, it started pouring. Still no umbrella. I said goodbye to Hill and went to visit another sorority sister, Em, for a quick lunch date. She was my NYC partner in crime when I worked there briefly. No pictures from our lunch since I was legit a drowned rat. We still enjoyed our catching up and she was sweet enough to bring me some Baked by Melissa cupcakes! They were awesome… tiny, even smaller than the bite-size minis you can make at home. My favorite was the August special, Snow Covered Pretzel. If you are in the city definitely give these a try… or check out the website if you’re not, because they ship!

I made it back home to New Jersey via a bus trip made longer by my soaking wet clothing. When I got home and I speed-showered and went immediately to get spray tanned with my mom. Oh the crazy things she talks me into! It went alright, but due to my oily skin and softball-sized pores, I had nearly-black looking dots all over some parts of my body. They were really only visible up close but ugh, not fun. I also had a few peeling areas from a past over-tan, and they spray tanned really badly. But it did look pretty good in pictures! I added some pizzazz to my nails (later post!) and met my high school friend Emily at the Cloverleaf (yes, again, it rocks) that evening. Our friend Amanda met us out a little later, and then we ran into our friend Carrie and made her join us. It was great to laugh and catch up.

Can you tell I am straight off the spray tan?

I left the ‘Leaf and then went with my mom to pick up Big Daddy from the airport. It was great to see him after a few days of being away! Of course we had pizza waiting for him.

The next day was the wedding… which deserves it’s own post later this week!

On Sunday before ┬áB and I flew back to Orlando, we went to visit my cousins! My Aunt wasn’t home but my uncle was there. The twinnies turned one in May, and their older sister Keri is four.

Patrick who looked really unsure about taking pictures…

Bobby gave me the stink eye the whole time…

And Keri was running a very successful restaurant!

Then as quickly as vacation snuck up on me, it ended and we had to go back. But I was glad I had such a great time and took a ton of pictures!

Stay tuned for part two with the debauchery that was the wedding!!!

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