February 5th, 2013

My First Race with B!

A week-ish ago, Big Daddy and I ran our first 5k together!

The race we ran was the Seasons 52 Park Ave 5.2k. They still gave you your 5k time, but then you had to run the extra little bit. Every 52nd finisher won a $10 gift card, however we were not among those lucky winners. Which stinks because B’s time was very clearly wrong. We don’t have heart rate monitors or anything like that to monitor our own time, so we had to go off chip time.

See for yourself…

B finished about 2 seconds after me, NOT two minutes. It seems like his chip didn’t register at the start, and so they timed him from the buzzer. It felt like it took us a while to get to the start, so a little less than 2 minutes sounds accurate. It makes me sad though that B doesn’t have “real” stats for his first race.

I love Big Daddy, but I definitely could have pushed harder if I wasn’t pacing with him!!! I’m weeks ahead of him in my progress though, so I’m proud of where he’s at and that we finished together. Also, with his work schedule, this was REALLY early for him. I felt bad for the dude! I wouldn’t want to run at 2am… which is basically what it was like for him.

It felt amazing to finish and even better to finish with B right behind me. (I told him when we saw the finish we were sprinting to it… he crossed the finish line looking like he wanted to kill someone!) The pro pics of us finishing weren’t worth $15 each… but I LOVED this one. Like, frame it in my house loved it.

We had just finished and a photographer asked us to take this picture. I just love it. One shot and he nailed it. The pride!!!! The exhilaration!!!! I seriously would have paid double for this. (Maybe. I’m pretty cheap.)

I need to find some good night races so that B can participate more easily. When he gets home at 1am from work, it makes waking up at 5:30 for a race tough. Any suggestions, friends? Thanks for all the support and kind words about our hard work!!! I couldn’t be prouder of my man!

5 comments to My First Race with B!

  • I love that photo of you guys! You both look so happy. Congratulations on another 5K :)

  • YAY! Congrats B!! I can’t wait to run my first real 5k… maybe as soon as March! :)

  • I’m so proud of you both! Sorry the chip didn’t register. That part stinks. But the look on both your faces is worth paying for that photo! :D

  • YAY for your first couple 5k!! That picture is so great and totally worth the money! You should blow it up and frame it!! I wish the hubs would run with me, but apparently he is in law school and doesn’t have time for things like leaving his office or sleeping, so he really doesn’t have a lot of time to run (or walk or leave the house…) Does he get to run with you often? I’m kind of jealous if he does….

    Keep it up friend!!

  • Congrats to both of you! So neat that you guys got your times, even if B’s was wrong. I haven’t done a 5k that offered the chip timers.

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