March 11th, 2013

Multi Mani Monday

It’s been a while since I shared some of my exciting nail designs with you guy!!! So… why not update you!

I really wanted to do some good full-nail stamping so I did Julep Ingrid with stamped leopard print done with Sally Hansen Golden-I. I LOVED how this turned out! The spots were forgiving to stamp and I thought it was a fun pattern.

I then went for another full-nail stamp…

This stamp wasn’t as forgiving as the spots, but I thought it looked good. It’s Mary Kay Tempting Teal, with Nicole Mer-Maid for Each Other stamped. A big thank you to Completely Random Sally for the polish! I ordered some Mary Kay from her after talking about some products and she gifted this polish to me! I knew I wanted to do a peacock style manicure with this color the minute I saw it!

I tried out essie’s magnetic polish next.

(Sorry for all the messy pictures before I clean up the nails!! I get anxious to take pictures and then forget to again when they’re clean!)

This color is sssssexy by essie. I loved how they looked on the nails that turned out, but it was hard to get the effect right. You had to hold the magnet VERY close, and I hit the nail with the magnet twice. Plus, my thumbs were wider than the magnet. Not thrilled with the process but loved the results- it would be easier to do this as a manicure on someone else than on my own nails.

After that, it was time for some simple nails.

I had been wanting essie Coat Azure for ages. I pinned it when I first got pinterest and have searched since then.Turns out it’s older, but I was able to get it in a swap! I love the blue color with the slight shimmer, and it had great application.

I had two work trips last week, one to Miami and then right after, Jacksonville. Both on construction sites. So I needed something less… blue.

Enter Julep Sally! It’s a really pretty peach-ish nude/yellow/ivory. Such a gorgeous, interesting color. Julep keeps doing this!!! I loved it! It was a bit daring for a work meeting but plain enough that I don’t think it would raise eyebrows.

I did this manicure on Wednesday, and as of yesterday, my nails looked like this:

AKA, more chipped and worn than I would like. I had a choice. New manicure, or save this one? I chose save! With a Saran wrap manicure!

I touched up the chips, and then worked each nail one by one. I had pre-cut 10 squares of Saran wrap (about 5 or 6 inch squares) and crumbled them up. I painted one nail with Julep Evangeline (a gorgeous holo from the Cupid mystery boxes that is not linked online), and then quickly blotted the nail with one Saran wrap ball. It created this really cool pattern! I then moved to the next nail, with a fresh Saran wrap ball, and worked one by one. It was very quick and easy, but had very complex looking results. I would LOVE this with a gray base and a bright neon over it! I loved how easy it was to extend the life of a dying manicure with such little effort.

What other fun nail art would you like to see on here!? I’m always looking for fun things to try. What color combos are your favorite? I’m open to suggestions!

Happy Monday!

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