November 9th, 2011

Liptsticktember 2011 Recap

It’s finally here! I put together a huge recap of my Lipsticktember experience for you!

I did it! Two years in a row now, even though I never recapped last year. This time I got more involved, tried more lipsticks, and learned a lot. Let’s go through the colors I wore, their pros/cons, and other random tidbits… shall we?

In alphabetical order to be fair… all notes are below the color’s rating card.

This is an old standby. It stays really well but is a bitch to get off! I get lots of compliments on this color.

Despite how miserable I look in this picture, I liked this color, although my other Clinique color was a little more flattering in my opinion.

HATE. The color is ok, but the only thing really good about this lipstick was the cool tube and engraved logo. It was horribly sticky and clumped off.

I adore this one! It’s smooth, feels and looks great, lasts fairly well, and makes my lips feel moisturized.

A fun, unexpected color! All the e.l.f. colors are ok lasting, but SUPER worth it for the price! Why not experiment with fun colors when they’re that cheap, right?

NEVER thought I’d like a brownish color, but this one was really flattering.

I loved the gel-like consistency. It was smooth and layerable. If it weren’t for the fact that I had just left the hospital, I would have been beaming in that photo!

This is in my top three. It’s also very gel-like and layerable. It feels great on- almost refreshing- and wears well.

A basic color that would probably look great on lots of skin tones.

Not good. The color is nice- I enjoy the purple hue and shimmer- but the texture was bad. It was sticky and didn’t stay long at all.

A super fun shimmery neutral! Alas, this one is older and isn’t sold under that name anymore (but Mallory and I found one that’s almost identical… we just didn’t note the name. Whoops!)

Great quality for a bargain price. It feels endlessly smooth and the pigment is good.

I bought this because the Pioneer Woman suggested it. I never thought a bright pink would look good on me… but it’s everything she said it would be. Great drugstore brand.

The unexepected best color of all five e.l.f. brand colors. I loved the pop of bright without my husband calling me a clown. Great middle ground.

This was a more basic pinky-neutral, definite bang for your buck.

Big Daddy said I looked like a clown. But it was fun! The pigment is RICH but the feel isn’t as amazing as I’d hoped. Still worth it though.

This might as well have been lip balm. It’s so soothing! I’d like to try this brand with a less neutral color.

I love anything that mixes red and pink… this is an AMAZINGLY pigmented lipstick but the feel isn’t as great as the color.

Comfortable to wear, both in feel and the wearable nude shimmer color.

Whew! That took forever! I found it interesting that most of my ratings were around 3 1/2. I think that’s because the ones rated highly for price usually rated low in quality, and vice-versa. I think my favorites were Flamenco, Glamour, and Capricious. Which would you wear? Anything new you plan to try?

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