March 2nd, 2013

Just one month…

…until my 28th birthday!!

And welcome to the most boring and practical gift wish list of all time.

We have a bunch of out of town trips/weddings in the next few months so really what we’re both wanting for our birthdays is just cash money. PLUS, we got mega-spoiled at Christmas. Thus… I am going practical, mostly.

  1. Nail polish swatch sticks. Amazon has a few and I hear they sell cheap on eBay as well. I’m planning on switching my swatch system to sticks for convenience, but have to get a stock of 200+ built up!
  2. Cordless handheld vacuum. My only real requirement is the long nozzle like this one has. Pug hair gets in all sorts of crevices and I hate having to pull out the Dyson for in-between type vacuum jobs. One of these would make my life a lot easier!
  3. Nail Polish, always. The link takes you to my ISO (in search of) nail polish list on Pinterest. I’m still on a no-buy, but I can clearly let people buy for me!
  4. VITTSJÖ shelf from Ikea. I previously was wanting one 2/3 the size but for $40 more this one would fit my office better. I need to organize my craft items and right now just have a blank wall of potential!
  5. Easy Step III for dogs in cocoa. Our pugs’ pet step to go up to our bed is a little short for them, so they rarely use it. We want to move it out to the couch (one pug with arthritis and one with a luxating patella means we need it!) but need one tall enough for the bed. This is my first choice!
  6. Lydia & Pugs gift card. I have a few prints/cards/gift items I want to get from Lydia & Pugs so a gift card there would be the perfect gift!

Pretty much boring, and it took a while to think of things I even wanted! Regardless, this will be a great birthday because I get to celebrate my sister’s wedding the following weekend with our awesome family. I can’t wait for March to be over!

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