December 30th, 2012

Instagram 365: Weeks 49 and 50

Only two more of these posts, including this one! Wheee! Then I’m free to make my book of 365 +1 (damn you leap year) pictures.

12/2/12: That time when Harley was bleeding everywhere and I couldn’t figure out why… and then realized it was because when he backed into the laundry room door and shut it, it took a littttle bit of his tail with it! (He was fine- it looks worse than it was!)

12/3/12: Stalking the mailman from my office window… I love mail.

12/4/12: Delicious beignets from a food truck date with B!

12/5/12: Pugdazzling my Christmas card address labels, would you expect any less?

12/6/12: Hotel for a work licensing course for a few days… I hate being away!

12/7/12: Wrapping Christmas gifts, different wrapping paper for each family member and a “key” to tell them who gets what.

12/8/12: I have no idea how to change the time on this, STILL… I guess I’ll be an hour ahead until March again.

12/9/12: My purple cookies didn’t turn out very purple after all…

12/10/12: My pretttties arrived! I bought them on Gilt for way cheaper than the usual $16-18! (Use this link to sign up and get $25 off your first $50+ order.)

12/11/12: Don’t worry Bugg, I wasn’t trying to type anything…

12/12/12: I spent all evening making this pretty for my fun run!

12/13/12: JUST after finishing my Christmas mani!

12/14/12: The princess showing off her nails!

12/15/12: Some highlights from the Reindeer Run!

Can you believe there are only two weeks’ worth left? It’s been an amazing year and I can’t wait to finish this out!

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