December 9th, 2012

Instagram 365: Weeks 47 and 48

Hello again everyone! I gave myself a little week-long vacay, but I’m back! And I still have six weeks of daily instagram photos until we’ve finished the year! Here are weeks 47 and 48.

11/18/12: I found this blurb in a magazine and obviously had to celebrate!

11/19/12: My sweet sleepy old man!

11/20/12: I woke the Bugg up from a deep sleep to photograph her adorableness.

11/21/12: It was time to take out the pugs in the AM and my shoes were nowhere to be found… enter B’s flip flops. Also, I’m pulling up my PJ pants, they aren’t actually cuffed at the ankle.

11/22/12: Time to put up the tree!

11/23/12: My festive glittery mani for Christmas pictures!

11/24/12: A fun casual outfit… while I LOVE fall clothes and miss them, it’s nice to be able to wear stuff like this in November.

11/25/12: A pile of pugs… a theme in 2012, no?

11/26/12: Hanging out at Hollywood Studios!

11/27/12: DELICIOUS Red Mango fro yo… amaretto flavor with chocolate chips.

11/28/12: I love Kelly & Michael, I love John Cena… they love John Cena… what a match.

11/29/12: Picking up my race packet for my first 5k!

11/30/12: My new favorite snack… Blue Diamond Nut Thins with Laughing Cow cheese!

12/1/12: About to start my first 5k with Lisa from Buffet Laps!

 Already posting these from December!? Where has the year gone!? Four weeks to go!

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