November 24th, 2012

Instagram 365: Weeks 43 and 44

Almost caught up on my instagram project!

10/21/12: Almost exactly four years since we were at this awesome place! I love North Carolina.

10/22/12: SOMEONE was a little under the weather.

10/23/12: A classic work from home outfit of the day. Complete with pug shadow. I know, I’m smokin’.

10/24/12: The cutest little pug butt roll in the world.

10/25/12: Comparing nails with Sophie. Mine were prettier.

10/26/12: A present from my company.

10/27/12: I don’t have slippers… this is how I manage the chilly mornings.

10/28/12: The LUSH Halloween costume I told you guys about… I actually ran into him today while shopping there and apparently his mom saw his picture on my blog post.

10/29/12: Pizza = gone. Sorry not sorry. Sometimes it just has to happen.

10/30/12: Puggies lined up, watching something fascinating on television.

10/31/12: Excited for Trick-or-Treaters!

11/1/12: Harley and Dixie playing like a bunch of puppies!

11/2/12: That’s a passed out Bugg, and Sophie is the Princess and the Pea.

11/3/12: DELICIOUS Moscato I sampled at The Fresh Market.

October certainly was a fun month… it feels like so much longer ago, though! Just getting caught up in November now. Have a great Saturday, everyone!

Thirty Days of Thanks #24: I am thankful for a long weekend for the Thanksgiving Holiday, giving me a little precious extra time with B!

2 comments to Instagram 365: Weeks 43 and 44

  • OMG That picture of the pugs all lined up is like the cutest thing ever!! I love what you wear for work every day… I’m pretty jealous.

  • Flying Saucer is awesome! When I went with my fiance and his cousin we each got a different sampler/tray thing and tasted each others beers. It seems like a little sip here and there won’t do much damage but we definitely all felt “happy” by the time we finished tasting!

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