November 11th, 2012

Instagram 365: Weeks 37 and 38

This feels like just a week or two ago, but it was more than a month ago! Actually, two months ago! Goodness gracious, how time flies.

9/9/12: Getting Mexican with B’s mom while she was in town.

9/10/12: Stalking Ulta for the Butter London sale! (Blogged it!)

9/11/12: My cute pile of pugs!

9/12/12: I’m adorable.

9/13/12: Ahhh, my precious. I love this nail polish!

9/14/12: Beautiful Hilton Head Island.

9/15/12: Me and two of my biggest fans, Mommers and Rosh!

9/16/12: Having a beer in Savannah with Rosh!

9/17/12: A delicious 90 Minute IPA… the only thing better would be a 120 Minute!

9/18/12: Harles does not approve of Sophie and Dixie’s post-bath licking.

9/19/12: The sweetest little face.

9/20/12: Another gorgeous Julep mani!

9/21/12: Dixie and B comparing tongues!

9/22/12: I think we have a clear tongue winner!

Nails, pugs, family, and beer… so much good stuff from September to recap!

Thirty Days of Thanks #11: My lucky number! I am thankful for my health. Without it, I couldn’t travel, work, play, or enjoy the things I do every day of my life. I am truly lucky.

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