November 3rd, 2012

Instagram 365 – Weeks 31 and 32

After taking a brief (ha) hiatus of updating you on these, THEY’RE BACK! Well, on the weekends at least. We’re starting up here where I left off, at the end of July!

7/29/12: Sophie and Harley totally tired out of their minds, under a pillow. Normal.

7/30/12: My pal Makyla sent me a postagram with a picture of us!

7/31/12: Dixie got her tongue stuck out, while showing off her independent eyeball.

8/1/12: In Gainesville for work, I said hi to my sorority’s house there! I didn’t go to UF but Sig Kaps are Sig Kaps!

8/2/12: Getting my Magic Hat on!

8/3/12: More beer… this one had me singing “Werewolves of London!”

8/4/12: Sophie will fall asleep ANYWHERE.

8/5/12: I did a little Florida-style gardening!

8/6/12: Modeling the awesome shrimp necklace I got for Hooch’s wedding!

8/7/12: I finished this awesome book – The Year of Living Biblically – finally while flying to New Jersey.

8/8/12: Hanging out with one of my college besties, Devon, she snapped this photo of me in front of this chef-tastic store.

8/9/12: Hanging at the bus stop next to my hometown NJ church, waiting for the DeCamp #33 to NYC, just like I did when I worked in NYC.

8/10/12: I didn’t have an umbrella, and my mom didn’t have one to give me. Walking to Port Authority things got… dicey. Aka, drowned rat.

8/11/12: Wedding time!!! One of my favorite photos ever of me and B. We had a blast!

That’s it for now… more tomorrow!

PS- Thirty Days of Thanks #3: I am thankful today for Florida’s beautiful weather… 80 in November is crazy to me still.

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  • Stàcy Marie

    Love that book-I just read the one he wroteon living super healthfully for a year, and his intern wrote a good onevs year at a super conservative school called Liberty!

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