May 29th, 2012

Instagram 365 – Weeks 17, 18, 19, 20, and 21!

Phew… a pictorial fast lane approach to the last few weeks!

4/22/12: Racking up Nail Polish at the Ulta 2/$4 sale!

4/23/12: Waiting for results at the doctor. (They were ok, which is good!)

4/24/12: Training for the new job.

4/25/12: Beer with the hubby… he was testing it!

4/26/12: Pug hat!

4/27/12: My coworker Vic in a Panera bag… ’nuff said.

4/28/12: At the airport for my trip to Orlando, toting Vera, a Starbucks latte, and a leopard-print mani.

4/29/12: Since my mom and I already found the house for B and me, we hit up Universal, where I got photo-bombed.

4/30/12: Dixie Bugg watching TV with me.

5/1/12: Reading a most excellent book with my pug buddies.

5/2/12: Self portrait- not sure why!

5/3/12: The best moment on Friends, period. “I’M CHANDLER. COULD I BE WEARING ANY MORE CLOTHES?!”

5/4/12: Damn Vic iced me in a grocery store parking lot. With a WARM Smirnoff.

5/5/12: IU graduation for B’s youngest brother.

5/6/12: Dinner to say goodbye to some of the best cupcake coworkers a girl could ask for. Seriously, it doesn’t get much better than them. Period.

5/7/12: The thanks I get for doing dishes… dropped and broke one of my favorite bowls.

5/8/12: A sweet moscato with turquoise and flip flops on it reminds me of my best friend.

5/9/12: Replaced this toilet seat myself!!! Go me!

5/10/12: Visiting Lyd after her surgery! She had nerve damage on her foot.

5/11/12: Successfully dyed this maxi dress (really just PAJAMAS from Lane Bryant) with some RIT dye in the washer.

5/12/12: Spent the evening downtown and got to drive past our wedding location.

5/13/12: Packing begins. Oy vey.

5/14/12: Best seat on the plane… not. (Headed to train in ATL)

5/15/12: Putting my feet up at the hotel after a long day of training.

5/16/12: My new receipt banana to carry work receipts while traveling. ($5 at Target)

5/17/12: Trying a new-to-me local Georgia beer at the Mellow Mushroom. (SweetWater IPA)

5/18/12: Moving truck being loaded well into the night.

5/19/12: Sophie exhausted before we even got on the road for our big move!

5/20/12: Got to the new house, and stocked the fridge with some essentials.

5/21/12: Pugs that are as exhausted as me.

5/22/12: My new coworkers… they’re no Vic or Dana, but they are still very cute!

5/23/12: Up early for a work trip… beautiful Florida sunrise on the way.

5/24/12: New shower curtain for our master bath.

5/25/12: Life without cable… meet our antenna.

5/26/12: My new official FL license!

Whew, Indiana to Georgia to Florida in one instagram filled blog post. More soon!

4 comments to Instagram 365 – Weeks 17, 18, 19, 20, and 21!

  • Kelly

    The first picture reminds me that I wanted to tell you I bought a coral/pinkish colored nail polish tonight and am putting it on after I get off here. :) I’m venturing out. NO MORE RED!

  • Emily

    Hey, Emily here from pug sluts. So, I think you are adorable and if you lived closer to ca we would be best friends :)

  • Love your pugs.. especially the pic of the three of them laying together! It’s been awhile since I’ve been here to read (6 months or so) so I wanted to say that you are looking absolutely fantastic!

  • We have the same antenna! I seriously don’t miss cable bills. You won’t either.

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