January 8th, 2012

Instagram 365 Week 1

So, I decided that this year, I am going to instagram one picture per day and then compile them all. I’ll post every week, and I plan to make a book of them when 2012 is over. No real rules except that the picture HAS to be taken that day! Here is my first week of 2012 in instagram pictures:

1/1/12: I took this picture of Dixie right before discovering her lump. A week later, it’s gone! She’s wearing a scarf from Kilroy’s.

1/2/12: Dixie waiting at the vet’s office for her mass check appointment.

1/3/12: Sophie hanging out.

1/4/12: Showing how well my New Year’s Eve mani held up! They chipped almost immediately after this picture.

1/5/12: My first Weight Watchers at Work meeting of 2012!

1/6/12: Dixie home after surgery, passed out while I was trying to feed her little bits of kibble.

1/7/12: Showing off my skills at making cheese pill pockets for the little patient!

If you’ve taken a cell phone picture every day this year, I suggest you instagram them (or some other filter) and join me! I didn’t decide to do this until the 4th, but luckily had taken one photo a day for the first days of the year so I was able to catch up. Share your pictures of the first week of 2012!

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