November 12th, 2010

I’m Versatile!

I’m super behind on my reader (I hit up a few a night, but most of my blogger buddies are doing NaBloPoMo too so that’s like 10-15 posts per blogger) so if I haven’t commented in a while, a bunch of email notifications from me are in order.

That being said I caught up with Ali from His Birdie’s Nest recently and she had tagged me in this great Versatile Blogger Award!

Thanks Ali! I love reading Ali’s blog (if not for the recipes, for the amazing food trucks to be jealous of!) and am so honored to be tagged. I’m supposed to tell you seven things you all don’t about me. Which is kind of hard! I’m an over-sharer. Anyway, here goes…

1. I used to have my nose pierced. Now, I can’t imagine myself with it! But I loved it for the year and a half I had it!

WOW and that picture makes my nose look huge.

2. The state I’d least like to live in is California. I’m sorry, CA friends, I just couldn’t do it for many (unfounded, likely) reasons! I used to have a list as a child, which included earthquakes and great whites.

3. I took golf for one credit in college. I was one credit short of graduating and it was the only one credit class that fit in my schedule.

It didn’t go well. But I still got an A.

4. My dad and grandma knew Yogi Berra in some regard- not sure how, exactly. He lived in my hometown and his granddaughters went to my high school. So many “celebs” in NJ, I’m telling you!

5. I really enjoy making elaborate cakes. I haven’t in a while since I’m so busy nowadays, but it’s still something I always think of!

That would be me with the 21st birthday cake I made for my friend Kate, after he favorite beer! It’s a little weird looking due to the tin-foiled cake board, but it was awesome!

6. I think I’m allergic to apples. If I eat them too often, or at certain times of the year, they make my throat itchy. This makes me very sad because they are one of the few healthy foods I like.

7. I used to be obsessed with Bam Margera. So much so that I acquired this collection:

They proudly hung in my dorm rooms at Elon! Until I outgrew that and tried to sell them on Craigslist. Shockingly, I got no bites, whatsoever. Anyone? I don’t know if I could even find them in my storage!

I think this award has gotten around (I got a very similar one before, too,) so if you haven’t gotten it yet, you’re tagged! Please tell me random things about yourself… we all know I live off of this stuff.

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