May 28th, 2012

I’m alive, but barely.

It’s been almost a month, friends! And I am so sorry for that. This has been one of the most crazy months of my life. I officially started my new position May 1, but worked the first week of May in my old position to clean up and catch up. Then I trained for a week in a remote Indiana office to learn some of my new position. I spent the weekend with B’s family, then I flew to Atlanta Monday for a week to train for my new position with the person who does it in GA. I got back on Friday, packed until 1 am, and then we left the next day. Yeah, WHIRLWIND.

We had a HUGE, huge truck.

B’s moms gave us some furniture they were going to get rid of, since they decided to sell their house after we moved out and needed to get rid of the clutter! We also towed our Jeep (since it’s over 200,000 miles and wouldn’t have made the drive.)

The car carrier to tow the Jeep broke (overzealous brother in law) so instead of leaving around 10 or 11 am on Saturday, we had to wait til it got fixed to leave at 2:30. The service the Budget sent to fix the carrier had a delightful motto…

B and his brother A drove the truck and took Dixie with them. I drove the Camry with my brother in law J in the back with Harley and Sophie. Fun fact: he hates dogs.

Also, I hate driving. So this was not a delightful weekend on the road. Sophie whined most of the time, but eventually gave up.

We fed and walked the puggies at our rest stops.

We spent the night in Georgia (arriving around 1 am) and then head out around 10 or 11 the next morning. This is what we encountered immediately in Atlanta.

Right after I took this picture, someone tried to merge right into me then aggressively CUT in front of me trying to kill me. Never going to Atlanta again. Sorry not sorry.

Sophie threw a few fits for the second day of the drive, wanting to be by my side the entire time.

Eventually, she found a spot where she could happily observe the entire car.

Yep, on top of the crate.

She sat like that the rest of the ride!

We arrived Sunday night and spent a few (grueling) hours unloading the truck. I had off Monday, but of course, woke up sick. A full week later, I am still feeling under the weather! I had a busy work week Tuesday through Friday, although the working from home part was great!

Meet my coworkers:

They have never been interested in doggie beds before, but suddenly when have to sit and watch me work all day, they’re into it.

We also made it official this week, getting new license plates and driver’s licenses. Holy GRAND batman, it was expensive. But our tags expired last Monday (whoops) so we had to get new ones to stay legal. Check it out!

It’s still very much a work in progress, but here are some pictures of the house from earlier this week!

My office- the room with the best sun during the day, which I love.

Our guest room (and storage – for now.)

Guest bathroom!

The amazing kitchen!!! Besides the crappy electric (we prefer gas stoves, obviously) it’s amazing and so open!

The dining area off the kitchen.

Our way too huge for us living room.

We’ve had a few issues that made this week a nightmare. The “washer / dryer” that came with our rental were older than me and not functioning right. We had an unexpected (expensive) purchase to fix that, since our lease says all appliances are serviced by the owner except those.

Also, the AC unit leaked (the overflow thing that shuts it off didn’t work) before we came, so we arrived to a flooded garage floor and a ruined guest room floor. The guest room floor was broken and damp:

And the garage:

Luckily, we have an amazing property manager and everything has been addressed. It does add a ton more stress to our move than we’d like. At least it’s not our house! Reason # 29183274 why we didn’t buy when we moved here.

Oh, and as I’m sure you’ve noticed… I’m not awkward in Indiana anymore. So my blog design? Currently in the works!! In June I will be debuting my new blog look, thanks to the talented Ashley of Little Leaf Design. And the pugs’ likenesses will be courtesy of Lili Chin of Doggie Drawings!

So stay tuned and don’t forget about me, blog buddies!!! More updates to come as I continue on this new adventure!

10 comments to I’m alive, but barely.

  • Kelly

    Love the new place! The checkered kitchen tile?! LOVE! You’ll love working from home but if you ever need any tips on not going crazy being at home ALL the time, let me know. I’d actually get up and get (semi-) ready for the work day and drive to starbucks just to get out of the house and “pretend” I just had a commute. Some days it really helped!

  • Welcome to Florida! Glad you survived the grueling month, and I hope you get some time to relax a little in your new home soon!

  • Glad you, B, and the pugs made it there in one piece!! Ps you look so good in your license picture!

  • YAY, you’re back! So sorry your move was stressful – they usually are, but sounds like you guys got a double dose. That means your next move will be flawless! Welcome to your new home :)


  • So glad to hear you guys made it to Florida in one piece! The pugs look so happy watching you work from home :)

  • I’m glad you have a good property manager to help you guys out! And strangely — I kinda love your kitchen floors. LOL

  • mommers

    I hope everything is going better! So much work – but happy for both of you. Congrats! I think the worse is over. Love you both!

  • Love it! Hope life is becoming more settled! We just sold our house and are moving next month. I’m not looking forward to it and we are only moving across the metro area.

  • […] job… it all took something out of me, fierce. I finally got back to blogging when I announced I was alive and that we’d moved. Moving was a roller coaster in itself. It’s so physically, […]

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