November 2nd, 2010

I Count!

Today, I voted!

I didn’t shower yet today. SORRY. Pugs love my musk.

This was my third time voting in Indiana. Our polling place is right around the corner, and like usual, it was practically deserted. You see, we’re the lone Conservatives in the ghetto south part of a super-liberal neighborhood. We’re Alex P. Keaton in a Family Ties town. Either it was too early for them, or there will be very low turnout in our district again.

I’m pretty sure if you follow me on Twitter, or Facebook, or just in life in general, then you know we’re big “Repuglicans” (as I like to say.) And I commonly joke on here about when I mention my political leanings, I’ll pause to let you all de-follow me. It’s true that young people such as myself tend to be more liberal. But I want to say, in all seriousness, that displaying your political leanings is absolutely NOT a reason for you to dislike someone. I saw a tweet today where someone was telling their followers to stop displaying their political leanings, and that there was 50% chance the tweeter wouldn’t like them anymore if they did. Really? That makes you more ignorant than you think. If someone’s tweeting about issues that you disagree with, disagree. But just because someone’s in another political party doesn’t give you a reason to dislike them. That makes you an immature 3rd grader, and nothing else. Something to remember. I may be Conservative but I have ZERO hate for all you Democrats with well-formed, educated decisions about why your political leanings work for you. I may disagree with those ideals but I respect you for forming your own opinion.

I hope you all choose to vote today! But more importantly, research candidates and issues to make an educated decision. If you don’t do that, I’d rather you don’t vote. Trust me, seeing the poor turnout at all non-Presidential elections at my polling place is hard enough. Seeing the people two years ago clearly voting for someone without any knowledge of their political leanings and views is harder. It’s not just an honor and privilege to vote, but a civic duty. Do your research and get to the polls! Or else you have zero right to complain. Period, The End, Amen.

27 comments to I Count!

  • Ooooh I feel you on being the lone republican. It seems like the cool thing to be is liberal Democrat these days… I don’t share my political beliefs with many people, especially since we moved to blue state land, specifically because people judge you right off the bat without listening what you have to say. Politics make me so… enraged!

    • kjpugs

      AMEN. We had up conservative lawn signs (just 3 different politicians we supported) and saw some little kids and their PARENTS walking by kick THEM. Because that’s mature. I didn’t vandalize the 75 Obama signs on my street even though I don’t support him at all. I just don’t get that level of political immaturity.

  • You go friend!!! I had to interrupt my blog challenge to post about voting today! And will you still be my friend if I admit there are some Dems I don’t like just because they’re Dems!? ;) They are the actual politician though so that shouldn’t be held against me!

    • kjpugs

      LOL! I think disliking a POLITICIAN is ok because their beliefs are directly reaching you since it’s, you know, THEIR JOB. I just meant that if I tweet “I’m a conservative!” and then you block me, you’re an idiot.

  • Oh and PS count yourself lucky for getting a sticker – they’re apparently out in Louisville. Seriously, no one I know has seen one or been offered one around town today. Lame.

  • I’m doing tons of research today to make sure I vote for the right candidates. As a libertarian, there are few candidates whose platforms I actually agree with. I am a huge lover of freedoms (Army brat here) so I want the freedom to love whomever I want, to my body, to my paycheck and to protect myself. Unfortunately, there are only 2 parties in power and they both like to control parts of our lives.

    With that, I am a HUGE advocate for people to educate themselves about the elections and would love it if ballots were “fill in the blank” so people can’t just check down party lines. (or mix & match? I’m up for some fun polling games) And without OPEN DIALOGUE about our political beliefs, how would we begin to educate ourselves? Thank you for sharing your views!

    Okay, I have about 5 hours left before I go to my ghetto-ultra liberal polling station a block from our house. And don’t worry – mine will be deserted too. Because why on earth would my neighbors vote anyway? Most of them are paid by the state not to work, so leaving their house to do something for our country – psh.

    • kjpugs

      Um do we live in the same neighborhood?

      And my ballot was mix & match friendly!! You could select one party OR select each candidate separately. We had one or two libertarian candidates as well.

      And I hate the whole two-party thing too… I say I’m Conservative FIRST because not everything Republican defines me. I learned that by doing my research!!! Glad you have been, too!

  • Amen, sister. AMEN TO ALL OF THIS. I wish people took a minute to actually *think* about their candidate, what their views are, and what that means for them as a citizen!

  • Mel

    Kelly read Meghan McCain’s book if you haven’t already. Exactly what the Republican party needs. As I was reading it I was like why can’t the older generation of conservatives read this and start to realize that you don’t have to believe in the extremes of the party.

  • I don’t define myself by party. I did my research and I voted. I voted for Democrats and Republicans today. I voted by the person and the issue…not by party.

  • Jenell

    Amen, sadly, I will not be doing my civic duty this time around as I didn’t get a absentee ballot.

  • Dancy

    Amen sister. I’m a registered Repub. but only because my parents made me check it when I was 18 & I’m too lazy to go change parties. Oh & cuz I like my money to stay in my own pocket thanks. More often than not though, I split the ticket.

    AMEN on finding out about the individuals that are running too!! My Granddad used to flip all the little tabs right across the Repub. Line w/o even looking. Drove me insane. Personally I feel these “local” elections are more important than the “big” ones. To break it down, the Electoral College votes for the Pres so our votes don’t count as much in a race like that. These so called smaller elections – the ones where we pick OUR representative, the people who can effect our lives – our commute, our taxes, our children’s schools – the peeps who put an extra bus stop in my old neighborhood so my little cousin and her friends can get to school easier… They way I see it, if you want changes you can really see – THIS is the vote that counts. ::stepping off soapbox now::

  • I am in the same boat as you. I have my political views. Just don’t shove yours down my throat, ya know. I think it’s annoying that a large percentage of my friends on FB are putting “Vote for so-and-so” on their status updates. It’s really annoying because hopefully we researched and will vote for who we like. Not who they like. I don’t think anyone is going to sway someone by their FB status. LOL I can’t wait until the election is over (and hopefully won’t interrupt Biggest Loser tonight).

  • Can I tell you that I love you for researching before you vote? You may have just won my heart. Hug yourself from me today!

    Hubby and I are both bleeding-heart liberals in a swing state. Even though we live in a college town, North Florida is pretty rural and tends to be more conservative. I’ve been so annoyed at all of the mud slinging the past few weeks (both sides are guilty, though one side seems to be doing a little more than the other, IMHO). I always say I vote for the lesser of evils, and even though I usually can’t see the conservative side of things, both hubby and myself voted for a local republican today, because he truly was the better candidate. Read and research people, it’s important!

  • I guess this means you won’t unfollow/hate on me for my liberal leaning ways? I swear, I’m not just liberal because I’m young though. I’m getting ready to head out to vote, and saw this on twitter. NH is a funny state because people are liberal on most social issues and conservative on $$. (No state income tax here, and they’ll be hell bent to change that) I like looking for what I believe is going to push us forward as a country, I also try and look at the big picture and not just the small details. No one wants to pay more taxes, but if it saves us money in the long run I think that’s worth it. I just really can’t stand the mud slinging. I also really hate when people start making comments that have NOTHING to do with how they will serve in their position. This weekend a friend’s husband was making comments (after Bush through out the first pitch) about what a great athlete Bush is and how much better his throw was than Obama and that Obama is a wimp etc. etc. Really? Because I’m pretty sure I’m voting for the President. Not a starting pitcher.

  • A

    Oh, gosh. That was SO my tweet. hahahaha. I am classy.

    Clarifying: I was tweeting about my coworkers. None of whom I actually like, regardless of their political leaning. (Okay. Lying. I like one.) So it is actually impossible for me to like them any less for the party/candidate/issue that they choose to vote for. (I am also very nice, in addition to being very classy.)

    What I was getting at, really, was that I don’t find the workplace to be an acceptable place to be preaching your political beliefs. Which is what was going on ’round here this morning. Which is what prompted The Classiest Tweet of All Time.

    So, there’s the explanation behind that. Vote how you want to vote. Believe in what you want to believe in. Hopefully you’ll do a little bit (or a lot) of research before you vote, but if you don’t want to? That’s your choice, too. Just please don’t trap me in my office and make me listen. PLEASE.

    I’m all for open, mature, insightful political dialogue. Just not with a stranger, someone who may as well be a stranger or the person who signs my paycheck. It just freaks me out.

    • kjpugs

      LOL I couldn’t remember who tweeted it so thanks for “coming out!” And yea, unsolicited political discussion in the workplace = not ok. Isn’t politics on that “taboo” list? I won’t hide if asked in the workplace my opinion, but that is dependent of course on what I think of that coworker and how respectful they are. Just coming out and being like HERE’S WHAT I THINK SINCE NO ONE’S ASKING is REDONK!!!!

      Thanks for the clarification!

      • A

        Coming out as the author of that tweet was my pleasure. I’m all about owning up to my own stupidity. And the stupidity of my HERE’S WHAT I THINK ABOUT GAY PEOPLE AND COLLEGE FOOTBALL AND HEALTHCARE AND BRISTOL PALIN AND YOUR MOM coworkers. hahaha.

        Kudos to you for opening up some productive dialogue. And for calling me out on what appeared to be a pretty narrow, bogus tweet! I can take it. ;)

        • kjpugs

          LOL you are so right I know people like that and hate it!!! And re: Twitter… I feel like sometimes there’s so much more behind the 140 characters… which is the one thing I hate about it.

  • Well said!! I completely agree on all counts. Those who vote without educating themselves first might as well not vote at all.

    I often find myself avoiding political conversations because I fear that I’ll be judged but you know what, everyone’s view is different.

    You should have chased that lady down and beat her…how rude was she to kick your sign!?

  • I will always maintain that extremes on either side are bad. Informed, rational people, whether they identify themselves as Republican, Democrat, conservative, liberal, Libertarian, Tea Party, Green or Rent is Too Damn High will always win out. I went to the Stewart/Colbert rally over the weekend and Stewart made a really great point. Instead of poorly paraphrasing, I’ll just copy and paste from the transcript:

    “The image of Americans that is reflected back to us by our political and media process is false. [Americans hear] how fragile our country is, on the brink of catastrophe, torn by polarizing hate, and how it’s a shame that we can’t work together to get things done. The truth is, we do. We work together to get things done every damn day. The only place we don’t is here [pointed to the capitol building] or on cable TV.”

    No matter what you think of Stewart as a person or his political leanings, it’s SO true. I love my conservative friends (and I have a good number of them) just as much as I love my liberal friends. I enjoy a good (informed) debate. I find common ground with people of all political ideals. And I sincerely hope that someday soon all of this hateful BS that comes from both sides will come to an end. I don’t expect everyone in DC to sing Kumbaya, but I do expect the petty bickering to end so they can get things done.

    Ps, as a liberal, I’d never, EVER “un-follow” or “de-friend” some one based on politics. Gay bashing, racism, sexism, bigotry would be cause for those things, not rational difference of opinion.

  • Amy

    Um, ok first of all I JUST realized you’d moved your blog, hence no comments from me recently. Where the heck was I, not paying attention?! I’ve missed you! And I’m all re-subscribed, so woo woo! :)

    Second, THANK YOU FOR THIS!!! I feel like I can never say anything because I too lean conservative and everyone bitch-slaps conservatives a shit-ton these days. And while I wouldn’t classify myself as a Republican, I wouldn’t classify myself as a Democrat either. So glad to hear other people who take the same stance as me–not all principles of either party has to define who I am as a voter. So thank you thank you and thank you again for this post! I get so tired of people berating other people for their choices. Having two (or more) political parties and the OPTION to use our votes to create political change every few years is a GOOD thing, people. Would a one-party country where ONLY Democrats or ONLY Republicans ran things work? Answer: Hell no, it wouldn’t. I’m open to hearing both sides of an issue and voting on the candidate, so it sucks when people knock others down for their political leanings. Bravo, Kelly–great message!

  • I never understood why people get so offended about hearing what others’ beliefs are. Does that in some way challenge your own? It just doesn’t make sense!

    That being said, I feel like I don’t really have a political party. I tend to vote Democrat or Independent, but I’m much more socially liberal, and slightly more fiscally conservative. I really dislike a lot of the things I hear all politicians saying!

  • Thank you for this. I’m really moderate and I hate politics. I vote based on the best candidate, and by who most agrees with my views. I seriously cannot stand extremists, either Republican or Democrat. I’m a pretty open minded person, and I don’t understand people who won’t even *hear* another way of thinking. Trust me — I know a lot of people like that! So frustrating.

  • Tell it sista! I vote independent, which REALLY gets some hated stares thrown my way (“what, you just want to THROW your vote away?!”). I will never dislike someone because of their political leanings. I may choose to not bring up politics all too often in our discourse, but I will never dislike them as a person for it. PS-Did you hear my puppy mill cruelty prevention act passed in MO?! Holla!

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