June 4th, 2012

Huge WordPress Frustrations

You guys, I am having mega WordPress issues right now (as I’m sure many of you are too.)

I guess WordPress made a change that if you have an email connected to a wordpress account, to use that email while commenting, you have to give that wordpress account as the account you leave the comment from.

I had a WordPress blog before- kjpugs dot wordpress dot com. But then I went to hosting at kjpugs.com. Honestly, it’s a whole bunch of stuff I don’t understand. My blog site where I made edits and posts looks just like WordPress but is through kjpugs.com. So now when I go to comment, it tries to make me log into wordpress.com and post the comment from Kelly at kjpugs dot wordpress dot com, NOT kelly from kjpugs.com. It would say that the account associated with that email was not logged in.

So I changed the email connected to my old, non-used wordpress account to be my old yahoo email. I thought, problem solved! I’ll give my gmail when leaving comments and it will know it’s not my wordpress account.

WRONG. There’s this little thing called Gravatar. It is what pulls your image. It was holding onto my old email address too (and automatically updated to the yahoo one when I changed it on WordPress.

There’s no way to delete a Gravatar account, unfortunately.

I tried to create a new one using my gmail email, but kjpugs is taken. By me. With my old email.

So now when I comment, it doesn’t pull my picture from Gravatar like it used to. Which I enjoyed.

I’m beyond frustrated. Can I just delete my old WordPress account? Or will that compromise my current wordpress-like kjpugs.com account thing? (So technical, I know.)

How do you self-hosted (aka people with domains without wordpress in the name) (not sure I’m using the term self-hosted right) people do it? Any tips for how to straighten out my wordpress account / gravatar business?

I hate technology.

Oh and if you help me – like actually help me and my problems get solved – I swear I will send you a Starbucks gift card. Probably not for a month, but I will, dammit. I will.

Sincerely, the person who hates this crap. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER, WORDPRESS.

8 comments to Huge WordPress Frustrations

  • I’m going to come back and look at this after someone hopefully posts a solution. As a freelance writer I have logins for different wordpress sites and randomly when I leave a comment on a WP site it makes me log into WP since it’s associated with that email? It’s all very confusing and annoying. I don’t want to leave a comment associated with WP since I blog with blogger and I have an email just for my blog. Grrr.

  • Here’s the easiest way to do it: log into your old wordpress account. Click on your name on the top and then your name again. It will show you your profile. Change your blog address to http://kjpugs.com and save. Then, just use that profile to comment – it’s not your kjpugs.com profile because that’s impossible, but it does direct people to your blog. And if you wish, yes, you can delete your old blog but that doesn’t affect what your wordpress profile says. That should fix it!

    • Hmm I saw your reply (though it’s not on here?) and I think yours is different because you have two blogs. I just had one on mine. I’m sorry! If you could delete the old blog that option might show up for you? I don’t know for sure though.

  • I wish I could help =/

    I have log in problems too and have basically given up for now. Sometimes my pretty icon shows up and sometimes it doesn’t. Fail.

  • Amy

    You can also change your email address that is associated with your Gravatar account, or just add a new email address to the account. For example, I have all three of my email addresses associated with my gravatar account, but my main gmail account is the “primary” one on my Gravatar account. When you log in to Gravatar, it will say “Select an email below to modify or add a new account.” I think that should solve the problem! So if your Yahoo account is the one that you want, go into Gravatar and make that your primary email. Then it shouldn’t associate with the address you are using as your WordPress email.

    • kjpugs

      I did this- like I said, it is now associated with my yahoo account, but this means I can’t use gravatar which means I can’t use it with my comments. I enjoyed that it would pull my picture and info before. I tried to get a new gravatar with my gmail email but I can’t be kjpugs then because there’s only one gravatar username each and my old one is kjpugs and that can’t be changed. I feel like wordpress hijacked kjpugs.

    In general, blog comments make me SO MAD because a lot of times I’ll write a giant comment and then I can’t log in and the comment has vanished. It’s lame. I’m going to check this post to see if anyone has any idea because I’m in the exact same boat!

  • Ok, so this has been driving me INSANE lately! Instead of commenting with my other wordpress account thing, I’ve just been using the option of logging in with my Twitter account (if you click the Twitter icon instead in the comment section). I figure that if you click through to my twitter, that is connected to the correct blog, instead of my other account where I don’t want people going to! Still annoying, and I hope that WordPress does end up fixing that, because I have heard a lot of people complaining about it…

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