December 31st, 2012

How do I recap 2012?

Cue me now having RENT songs stuck in my head. (“Measure in loveeeeee… seasons of lllllooooovvvvveeeeee!”) But seriously… this was one hell of a year! It was so full of twists and turns and changes for me and my family.

I am a firm believer that NYE sets the tone for your year. (Related sidenote: I hope tonight is fun!) We started out 2012 in Bloomington, Indiana with B’s best friend aka Best Man Dan. It was legendary beyond belief. There’s also a video in that post. You’re welcome.

When we got back, the roller coaster dipped, because we found a tumor on Dixie Bugg. Many vet visits followed. My wallet still cries a little about this, but I’d do anything for this sweet girl.

We said it was the worst way to start 2012, but she was brave (even without her teeth) and continued to improve all month.

And then February started out amazingly… the Super Bowl being in Indy couldn’t compare to my sweet Nephew’s arrival!

Baby fever hit very hard in February, with Charlie arriving on the 6th and then Stephanie‘s son arriving on the 16th! I was lucky to still be in Indiana (a short drive from Kentucky!) so I could visit them.

In March, I hit 30 lbs of weight lost and B turned 30! I also hosted a surprise birthday party for him.

I miss working at a cupcakery. Wahh.

Behind the scenes, things were crazy. We were trying to decide where B should do his internship, and if that meant moving. I cannot tell you how hard and stressful this time was. I am thrilled with how things turned out, but it was hard to know if things could or would fall into place, if we’d make the right decision. B toyed with staying at his job in Indy, or trying to do an internship in Chicago (my 1st choice at the time.) But luckily, he was convinced that the super-happy-place in Florida was the place for him and we (well, mostly me! I was resistant to change!) took a leap of faith and decided he’d take it, and we’d probably move to Florida.

I didn’t post much from the end of March through April, as my time was spent working tons and trying to figure out what we’d do, where we’d move, etc. My birthday was mostly uneventful. Finally I checked in to announce I had gotten a FL job with my company! (And I thought I’d be wearing jeans and t-shirts… how adorable. I wear pajamas and rarely shower.)

I dropped off the face of the earth again for weeks. Moving prep, finishing out my old job, training for the new job… it all took something out of me, fierce. I finally got back to blogging when I announced I was alive and that we’d moved. Moving was a roller coaster in itself. It’s so physically, mentally, and FINANCIALLY draining.

Life since we moved has been MUCH calmer. I finally started to enjoy my time instead of playing the “what’s next?” game.

The second half of 2012 focused on three things for me, really…

Beer! Lots of alcohol posts throughout the year, but the most popular was Why We’re Saying Goodbye to “Mainstream” Beer. Well, most controversial! I’ve done really well with my challenge, only drinking Anheuser-Busch or MillerCoors when it’s all that is available. When buying “cheap” beer we buy Sam Adams or Yuengling. LOTs of amazing brews happened in 2012, and we even got a home brew kit and beer tasting kit for Christmas! 2013 will be a beer-filled year for sure as well!

Nail Polish! B jokes that I’m replacing friends with nail polish. But truthfully, I’ve made lots of friends who blog about and enjoy nail polish this year. My collection started small and has increased times a trillion billion. I posted about my organizational system (twice), Sorority manicure ideas (I could do so many more combos now!), did a post with manicure tips and a giveaway, and a unique Christmas manicure.

Oh and of course I did my top 10 polishes of 2012!

But the thing that I’m most proud of from 2012 has to be my continued commitment to weight loss. Especially…

Running! I can’t believe how much this has become a part of my life.

I started with C25K (when snakes weren’t chasing me) with mixed success, but thanks to Lisa at Buffet Laps I started interval training with the Jeff Galloway method. It’s been awesome in multiple ways. It’s been amazing to push my body and see what it can do, but it’s also been great getting to know Lisa and her friends! It has definitely been the high point of 2012 for me as a whole. Plus, I was able to do two races in 2012! I am already planning for two more in 2013! That, plus my hula hoop skills, will make me unstoppable in 2013.

2012 ended on a good note as well. I went to log into work this AM and saw that last night, my boss emailed us all that we were actually off on NYE. I worked for about an hour (habit) and then back to bed I went! I’m picking up B from work tonight (around 1:00 am, YUCK! So I guess I’m actually picking him up tomorrow?) and then going to his coworker’s party! Cooks party late. We’ll celebrate the new year in mountain time, perhaps? I hope you all start out the new year with a bang (interpret that as you will) and please be safe if you are going out. I look forward to blogging 2013 with you all!

6 comments to How do I recap 2012?

  • Moving can be SO very draining both mentally and financially. I moved to a different city but moving to a different state must be 100x more difficult! Here’s to the New Year!

  • Happy New Year! I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog these past few months. Your Christmas mani is really cute…I attempted candy cane nails on my ring fingers and it looked more like a bloody mummy… oh well lol!

  • You had such an eventful year! I’m happy Florida is working out for you :) Lol when I was working from home in GA I had to consciously remember to put jeans on RIGHT before my husband got home so he wouldn’t know I stayed in my pj’s allllll day. I was sneaky like that :)

  • You guys had such an awesome and exciting year! Here’s to 2013 being even better (and I hope I take some inspiration from you to exercise more and lose weight, because you’ve been kicking ass at it!).

  • Stacy Marie

    What a year! Ryan got a home brew kit for Christmas too, excited to hear how yours turns out!

  • wow! i think i started faithfully reading your blog after the eventful first half of the year. it’s been a busy one for you guys! happy new year! i hope 2013 is amazing for you!

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