June 6th, 2013

Hair update and another request!

I’ll keep this short and sweet but didn’t want to leave anyone hanging (I’m sure you were all glued to your computer, wondering WHAT ON EARTH dear KJ chose to do to her hair. Obviously.)

I did a choppity chop, longer in the front, but with some layers. I’m LOVING it!!!

And now, the request! Since you all came through so well with the haircut advice, I thought I’d ask for more help.

I am IN LOVE with a maternity tank I found at Old Navy a few weeks ago. Now, I can’t find them anywhere. They may be clearanced. My store had them in white, tan, and black just sitting randomly on a table of shirts, but only had my size (L) in white and tan. Both of which I bought and FELL IN LOVE WITH. I am dyingggg to get my hands on a black one, and maybe even one more of the other colors!

They’re a thin, stretchy, spandex-y material like you’d see for some body shapers. You can tell it’s maternity because it has the thinner/stretchier material in the boobs and belly area. Size large.

SO… if you go to Old Navy this weekend (or, ever) and your store has maternity, could you please check for me? They’re not online, sadly. And they’re no longer at any area stores. I’d be happy to paypal ya for the tank(s) and shipping to me! And maybe a finder’s fee if I like ya! Just tweet me or text me (pretty sure you all know my twitter, @kjpugs, or even my # since I’m borderline BFF with some of you readers) and I will love you FOREVER!

So that’s your challenge, should you choose to accept it. Let’s see if anyone can find one! Either way- you all are the best! Thank you all so much for reading but more importantly, for connecting and being great virtual friends!

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