June 5th, 2013

Hair Hair Hair

Guys, my hair has gotten LONG. And I get a haircut tomorrow on my lunch break. (The pros of having a salon down the street and not dying your hair!)

I cannot decide how short to cut my hair! I had been growing it out for my sister’s wedding, but now it’s summer in Florida, and it’s hot, and I almost never do my hair, so when I do I want it to be easy. (Code for: I’m lazy.)

So… here are some photos. Just tell me what to do. Before tomorrow afternoon.


My hair when I moved to Florida a year ago:

And maybe a little bit shorter, a few months before with my cute nephew (March 2012 I think?):

(My nephew is pretty much one going on 17 now, I miss that little baby!!!)

Oh, and I will tell you there is TOO short. This is October or November of 2011… TOO SHORT.

I need to be able to put my hair back!!

Also, I didn’t have layers until my haircut this past March, and I love them. So I’ll probably go to my hairdresser with more of a length idea and have her do what she does best… I’m not a hair pro so leave it to them. But since I have almost zero face to face interaction with people on a daily basis besides B (who says “do whatever you want!”) I have to ask all of you!

This indecisive mom-to-be thanks you for the input! Andddd… go!

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